Barcelona fans will love what Pedri is doing in his spare time

Barcelona will love what Pedri has been doing in his spare time.

The talented young Barca midfielder hasn’t had much time for down time over the last year or so, playing more games than any other player in Europe.

But after being given time to jet off on holiday in the last two weeks or so, he is now back Camp Nou.

Pedri is back training with teammates and preparing for next week’s Champions League clash with Bayern Munich following the postponement of this weekend’s Sevilla clash.

Ahead of that game, Pedri has been getting his creative head on during some free time.

The midfielder reposted a video to his Instagram in which he was tagged by a friend, who said “We have a lot of work ahead @Pedri.”

And the task at hand was a Lego Camp Nou.

Pedri is building Camp Nou (Instagram)

Hopefully, the set came with instructions given the 99,354-seater stadium is a very intricate structure.

We’re sure we will get some updates as the project progress.


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