La Liga stadia to return to 60% capacity after international break

Spain’s return to normality after the coronavirus pandemic continued yesterday as the country lifted the restrictions on crowds at sporting events from 40% back to 60%.

The new rules were announced by the Ministry of Health, and announced by Carolina Darias, who explained that she had football and basketball in mind when considering the changes. The move was reported by AFP among other sources.

The rule change is effective immediately, meaning that the next round of La Liga fixtures after this international break will be significantly more full than those we saw at the weekend.

The country yesterday reached a milestone 70% of the population vaccinated, so the relaxing of measures is long overdue. After being one of the hardest hit countries early on, Spain has now put itself in a good position to return to normality.

Fans are already delighted to be back this season, and the eventual return to 100% will be a delight to see.