Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao the final three investment holdouts after Real Oviedo switch vote

The transfer window may be closed, but the battle for the future of football finances in Spain goes on.

Barcelona were able to bail enough cash out of their sinking ship to survive, and a frugal Real Madrid continued their string of relatively quiet summers. Both of them – along with Athletic Bilbao – remain in opposition to the deal offered by private equity financiers CVC to La Liga, which would provide a short term injection of cash (considered essential by most clubs) in return for a long term share of revenue.

The fourth holdout was Real Oviedo, who yesterday gave the green light to the deal after initially joining the three La Liga holdouts.

Real Madrid and Barcelona were both involved in the attempt to form a breakaway Super League earlier this year, while Athletic Club’s local-only policy puts them in a unique position as a top tier football team financially.

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