Atletico Madrid delegate ‘punches’ Villarreal coach ‘in the mouth’ after dramatic draw

Atletico Madrid and Villarreal’s Sunday night draw created headlines after Geronimo Rulli’s late mistake, but the action did not end there.

Rulli went walkabouts in the final seconds of the encounter to hand Atletico a point after Villarreal had led 2-1 heading into the very last seconds of the game.

That incident, which went down as an own goal by Aissa Mandi should have been enough to create the headlines in itself, and it was, but there was even more action in the tunnel after the game.

Understandably, tensions were high after the way the game ended, and a scrap endured.

According to the Guardian, Unai Emery’s assistant, Imanol Idiakez, had to be held back as the confrontations played out, and Atleti delegate Tomás Reñones is said to have punched a Villarreal coach ‘in the mouth’.

There will likely be disciplinary action taken by La Liga on the back of these scenes.

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