Cristiano Ronaldo releases statement on his future: “I’m breaking my silence now to say that I can’t allow people to keep playing around with my name”

Real Madrid aren’t tempted by the prospect of a reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo and remain fully focused on securing Kylian Mbappe from Paris Saint-Germain. Juventus are seeking to make room for Miralem Pjanic and Manuel Locatelli, and would be open to moving on the high-earning Portuguese who himself is interested in a new challenge.

It was recently reported that Carlo Ancelotti spoke with Cristiano in these past few days. The two, who won the Champions League together back in 2014, maintain an excellent relationship. The thinking was that while Carletto would like to bring back the Portuguese the club didn’t have any interest in a reunion; the Italian coach himself, however, shot down this notion on Twitter. “Cristiano is a legend of Real Madrid and has all my love and respect,” he tweeted. “But never have I planned to sign him [this summer]. We’re looking to the future.”

Cristiano himself was thought to have liked the idea of returning to the Spanish capital, the city he reached incredible heights in during his nine years at the Santiago Bernabeu. His salary is a problem; away from Italy’s forgiving tax regime, he’d charge €60m gross. Only Manchester City and PSG can afford to pay that kind of money, and neither are thought to want him.

The Portuguese released a statement regarding his future on Tuesday evening. “Anyone who knows me is aware of how focused I am on my work,” he said. “Less talk and more action, this has been my guiding motto since the start of my career. However, in view of everything that’s been said and written recently, I have to set out my position. More than the disrespect for me as a man and as a player, the frivolous way that my future is covered in the media is disrespectful to all the clubs involved in these rumours, as well as to their players and staff.


“My story at Real Madrid has been written. It’s been recorded. In words and numbers, in trophies and titles, in records and headlines. It’s in the Museum at the Bernabeu Stadium and it’s also in the minds of every fan of the club. And beyond what I achieved, I remember that in those nine years I had a relationship of deep affection and respect for the Madrid fans, an affection and respect that I retain to this day, and that I will always cherish. I know that the true Real Madrid fans will continue to have me in their hearts, and I will have them in mine.

“As well as this most recent episode in Spain, there have been frequent news and stories associating me with a number of clubs in many different leagues, with nobody ever being concerned with trying to find out the actual truth. I’m breaking my silence now to say that I can’t allow people to keep playing around with my name. I remain focused on my career and in my work, committed and prepared for all the challenges I have to face. Everything else? Everything else is just talk.”

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  1. Dennis says:

    Hmm, Juve are really in a difficult position. I think Juve will be relieved to see Ronaldo leave but he’s just too expensive and no one wants him. I just hope that Juve ends up winning the UCL and Saria A if Ronaldo eventually stays, that’s the only thing that matters.

    1. Roger Paulo says:

      Nobody wants him ???? What are you smoking he is still better then Messi !!!!!

      1. Henry Renevan says:

        Not in one million years.messi is still the best.

  2. James Mitchell says:

    CR7 Is the better of the 2. No question.

  3. RayAdamsNelio says:

    Lol crc better? 😆😆Shame.
    We all know the truth. Superstar Ronaldo made juve look Good right? 😂😂🤣🤣

  4. Comr Habib Umar Babbanhaske says:

    CR7 is the best all the way

  5. Habibu Umar Tahir says:

    CR7 is the best all the way

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    Cr7 Is the best 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

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