La Liga chief Javier Tebas makes honest admission over Lionel Messi’s ‘traumatic’ Barcelona exit

La Liga president Javier Tebas has admitted that the departure of Lionel Messi was ‘traumatic’ for him and the league.

It was confirmed last week that Messi would not be continuing at Barcelona, despite agreeing a contract with the club three weeks earlier.

Financial issues at Camp Nou complicated the deal, and the Argentine superstar, who had been with the Blaugrana for 21 years, joined PSG just days later.

The loss is not only a big one for Barcelona, but it’s also significant for La Liga, who have benefited from the vast revenue Messi brings over many years.

Despite that, La Liga chief Tebas stood his ground over negotiations, ensuring Barcelona could not register Messi until they dipped back below their salary cap for the year.

That has led to criticism of Tebas, but he has always insisted he stood his ground to protect the other teams in the league, and indeed Barcelona, who have grossly overspent in recent years.

And the La Liga chief has now admitted that Messi’s departure was a far from an ideal scenario.

“It’s evident that we always want to have the best in La Liga. Neymar left, Cristiano left and now Messi has gone,” he said, as cited by Mundo Deportivo.

“It has been a traumatic exit because for a month all has been well and it fell through late on.

“It hurts that Messi has left but we are working very hard to ensure the (TV) rights don’t fall.”

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  1. Swadesh Dasgupta says:

    Loss of revenue due to global pandemic should have been added back .Now laliga pushed Barcelona to Wall.Mr.Tevas is ensuring that Barcelona is unable to register Memphis and some other player.He will single handedly see that no new player can be register.If some clubs face problem it is the duty of president of Laliga to modify the rules and help Barcelona.Heis doing exactly opposite for demise of club.

    1. Franco says:

      no he’s ensuring that the club doesn’t fall further in to debt than it already is. they have already bent over backwards for barca that enough is enough. they could not keep giving barca special treatment because of one person. Messi’s revenue that he brings in does not justify the spending this team has done. Messi would be costing the team more than what they would be earning in the long term. you always have to think for the longevity of the club not the short term gains

    2. Livison Marava says:

      You wanted to help Barcelona alone why? Is it the only club? He is the president of all the teams and not Barcelona.

    3. Tony B says:

      Why should the President of Laliga continue to allow Barcelona to break the rules. The salary cap rules was voted on by all clubs including Barcelona. Tebas duty is to make sure the rules are followed. Not to let badly managed clubs to break them or give Barcelona a free pass.

    4. Calxuna says:

      should have kept Messi in ur league. I no longer watch laliga. Gross oversight. Massive mismanagement.


        Its always a joy when Messi plays and i watch every Barca game.. its completely no more now. Now ill folo PSG..

  2. Atiba Kojo says:

    He did it because the other teams complained. A strong Barcelona and Real are the economic engine of Laliga. He’ll find that out soon. When they are offered less money cause the casual fans are watching PSG. But the other teams still won’t beat Barcelona. It about Barcelona not Messi for me tho.

  3. nilesh says:

    injured players taking salaries should not be counted in financial fair play.. instead of compensating the club for injured player salaries barcelona has been pushed to a state where their only hope is to step up. their attack is still the best in laliga its their defence that will see them proly even lose a ucl position

  4. CRB says:

    The big names have ALL left under Tebas terroristic reign, when the news first broke abt the CVC deal he claimed the tv contracts they have currently signed cant be broken lol… he is one naive MFer, after ESPN sees the losses after the season they will be killing that contract asap haha, laligas tv rights wont even get 50% of the expected amount especially in America with Messi gone and they will bail, but he didnt he didnt wanna give any leeway in a pandemic, what a class act. Glad RM is suing him, the salary cap is destroying laliga cause its far lower than UEFA FFP, so other leagues they all abide by that and laliga doesnt even allow that much, so its illegal and destroys the FFP that UEFA CLAIMS to adhere to, haha….unless youre PSG and Man City who are destroying the environment and the football leagues in europe at the same time. Tebas is a lying little weasel who has been pushing for a job with UEFA so he is suckin them into lala land and doing all he can to blackmail barcelona and RM out of the Super League, and they are saying FU haha.

  5. Yarish says:

    Messi makes so much more than what he gets in return. Look at in just 38 hours his Jersey no 30 was sold in millions. In addition, the ads that he gets are also huge. They put him in such a nerve break down situation at the last minute. What if there no clubs willing to buy him? Barcelona and la liga did terribly unfair thing to Messi.

    1. Sadikus says:

      La liga and Barcelona just wanted to destroy Messi reputation. Barcelona made Messi and the guy has paid his dues. Currently barca needed him more than he needed barca. La liga n barca will feel the heat soon

    2. Zane Michelle says:

      Vital point assuming no club play him

  6. Kaushik brother says:

    Messi makes so much more than what he gets in return. Look at in just 38 hours his Jersey no 30 was sold in millions. In addition, the ads that he gets are also huge. They put him in such a nerve break down situation at the last minute. What if there no clubs willing to buy him? Barcelona and la liga did terribly unfair thing to Messi.

  7. Yarish Sharma says:

    Joan Laporta literally assaulted on Messi by lying in the last minute. It’s a huge loss for La Liga. Look he brought millions of Euros in just a matter of a day by selling Messi 30, Jersey. What if there no club willing to afford Messi, it would have been an unforgiving act of Barcelona. At the mean time if there was no money or the caps were yo high, how could they buy memphis and keep grizeman.

  8. Okpla Owoicho says:

    There is Time for everything in this world. Other football fans have said alot of things about Messi. I’m a Barca fan but wish Messi the Best of luck

  9. Evo says:

    I love Barcelona. It is the club I grew up watching. I love this club as much as I loved watching Messi since his debut. It hurts to see him go. And I even have nouts of anger seeing him in a psg shirt. But the matter of Messi leaving falls solely on the club. Personally I blame the regime of bartomeau. Who has shown time and time again he was never fit and shud have been gone sooner. Take at the signings since 2013. Although Barca have been known to overspend he took it to a whole other level. Between defenseless and coutinho. Which is at least, AT LEAST 300 million euros and I could be more due to bonuses. And that’s not even counting their annual wages. Then you have players like Arda Turan who couldn’t even play for 6 months because of a transfer ban. Andre gomes who they spent at least 50 million only to sell him months later for less then half that price. Although dembele and coutinho is tragic. Dembele apparently already had a history of injury proness. Coutinho I don’t know what happened there. He was the best at that time. Although I would have argued the type of game he played he needed freedom on the pitch as well as on the ball. Of which being at Barcelona he would never get that with Messi being there. But I digress hindsight is 20/20 on him. But the rest of the signings. Arda Turan really never made sense. Alex vidal? Anyone remember him? No. Maybe thats because all he really was, was a fast player but with no depth of ability the likes of which we are more used to seeing at Barcelona. And then that’s not to mention the sudden fall of LA Masia because Bartomeu team decided to implement a system away from the football culture barca knew. To when more pragmatic and systematic. If you ever watched the baseball movie Moneyball. Basically that’s what bartomeu was trying to do at la masia. The only problem with that is. You can completely just change the way things are run without coming across this who oppose it. For that type of system to truly work you need everyone to just fall in line and work at it. But also the type of system would involve scouting completely different types of players. Because the system calls for looking solely at the stats of a player and how effective they are in given areas. If we would have run that system before when Guardiola was here I doubt he would achieve the same success not to mention the sort of system I believe would have throw away a player like Iniesta. Who didn’t actually have any sort of high numbers in terms of assists. Or through forward defense breaking passes.
    Anyways point being that all that is happening is an accumulation of years of mismanagement. And lack of understanding I think. Everything bartomeu did just seemed to me like he never really understood this club nor did he care to. He looked at it purely as a business to shape the way he saw fit. And although futbol at this level IS a business. I never thought implementing a system that rely on pure stats and effectiveness of a player would ever work at Barcelona. I mean the simple fact is the way they play completely goes against that type of system because any team that plays a possession based game isn’t always going to be effective infront of goal and also when they play high up the pitch. They will always be prone to being counteracted. Especially against a team that is willing to sit back and has a strong or fast player up top that can hold the ball against defenders or break the line. Which is why we struggle against athletic bilboa or why sometimes as good as lenglet is. He seems weak because when he needs to physically bully the opposition off the ball in one on one’s he can’t and I don’t think he will ever be able to. We still have never even replaced puyol. Because we constantly want to acquire ball playing defenders as opposed to the traditional defender. But then again Puyol was special and a freak of nature in his own right.
    Anyway long story short I blame bartomeu. And I think LaPorta used Messi to reacquire the presidency. For many days leading up to the day they announced we would no longer pursue signing Messi. He would constantly say things are going good. I feel confident we will get the result we want. We are close to getting the outcome we are hoping for blah blah blah.
    I always say we will see when it actually happens until then it’s all just noise.
    Tebas all though it kinda seems he is trying to screw over Barcelona in truth he does need to make sure that the rest of the teams and the league for that matter doesn’t suffer financial ruin. Which actually that has been close to happening anyway. Also Barcelona along with real Madrid have had times where they have been favourited. And or helped by the league.

  10. Ugyen says:

    TV rights will fall…let’s see whether barcelona was bigger than Messi or not…lol


    Its always a joy when Messi plays and i watch every Barca game.. its completely no more now. Now ill folo PSG..

  12. Wolves FC says:

    Laporta becomes President, Messi gets the move he wanted and La Liga get the blame.
    This was a set up and planned from the beginning!!!

  13. Zane Michelle says:

    Vital point assuming no club play him

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