Barcelona fail to sell out reduced capacity Camp Nou for La Liga opener after Lionel Messi exit

Barcelona will kick off their new era without Lionel Messi and without a sold out Camp Nou.

Barca kick off their new season on Sunday, and with it comes a new era following the departure of club legend Messi, who will be playing for PSG this season.

One of the biggest concerns for the Blaugrana having lost Messi is the lost income the Argentine superstar brings.

And there may already have been an impact from his departure.

Due to pandemic-related capacity restrictions, Barcelona can only have 29,803 supporters inside Camp Nou for their La Liga opener with Real Sociedad on Sunday.

As part of that, their 83,000 season ticket holders were invited to request tickets, with a draw expected to take place if demand exceeded availability.

But surprisingly, according to Diario AS, only 15,820 requested tickets, leaving just over 13,000 available for general sale.

Of course, it is still holiday season in Spain, and there is a pandemic still going on, perhaps leaving some fans more hesitant to attend a semi-crowded stadium, but there will be concerns the departure of Messi has already left a gap in demand.

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  1. Oscar Ng'andu says:

    Am a Messi supporter but I love Barcelona.Remember Barcelona is bigger than a Player

    1. Lesley slow poison says:

      Barcelona is nothing without Messi

    2. Junior says:

      Barcelona with out messi
      Is a soldier with out weapon

    3. Reason says:

      That’s true

  2. Patrick Briffa says:

    I totally agree now we have to move forward and I still believe we have a good team

  3. jabir sabiu says:

    we are to gether with lionel Messi

  4. Ben says:

    We move with Messi

  5. Ssemambo musa says:

    Mess will always be missed whether you like it or not i only wish him the best

  6. Sg says:

    I am a messi fan not a barca fan

    1. SH says:

      Barcelona fan since the dream team, but with the way this club is run, Laporte, the previous bored and let’s not forget, rosell was the one that started the downfall and brought the corrupt rat pack in, and Laporte is a snake as much as any of them tebas included. I will no longer follow this team.
      Messi was bigger then this club and this league la liga will never compete with the premier league in terms of money, England is a much wealthier country then Spain, and a bigger draw.

  7. Imran Siddique says:

    Indeed. Messi space can’t be filled. Am a Messi fan now my fav club is PSG. Before it was Barcelona

  8. Micky says:

    Where Messi go i go

  9. PHILIP A ROBINS says:

    Barcelona was just another Primera Division club in 1973 before Johann Cruyff arrived. When Cruyff left Barça they reverted back to just another Primera Division club. The same applies with Messi. He made Barça special and world renowned. Now they are just another La Liga club.

  10. Ahmad shitu ibrahim says:

    i spent long time at barcelona as a fan,but today i have became PSG supporter becouse of KING LIONEL MESSI.

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