Barcelona release statement railing against La Liga’s deal with CVC

Barcelona have released a statement on La Liga’s deal with CVC, an American investment fund. An assembly attended by all La Liga clubs was held today, and the investment was put to a vote. Barcelona were represented by Mateu Alemany, their director of football, and have positioned themselves against the deal.

The deal at the last minute, however, included a clause that stipulates that those clubs who vote against the investment can retain the audiovisual rights that they would have been giving up for 50 years, although that means they’d also have to pass on the immediate investment.

Joan laporta of FC Barcelona

The three Primera clubs that rejected the agreement were Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, three clubs that are based on a model of associative and assembly ownership with boards of directors elected by members. The Catalan club don’t want to give up their rights for a period of half-a-century, a timeframe they deem too long for the ever-changing world of modern football.

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