Javier Tebas takes aim at Barcelona as Florentino Perez and Lionel Messi revelation emerges

Javier Tebas has taken aim at Barcelona following revelations from former Espai Barca commission member Jaume Llopis.

Llopis was part of the commission for Espai Barca, the project put together to transform the Blaugrana‘s facilities, including Camp Nou.

And speaking on radio show El Larguero, the businessman spoke about how president Joan Laporta was threatened by CEO Ferran Reverter over the CVC deal.

The deal involves investment company CVC purchasing 10% of La Liga for €2.7billion, and around €270million of that will go to Barcelona if approved.

And somewhere around €40million of that figure could have gone towards keeping Lionel Messi had Barca swiftly accepted the deal, but they chose not to.

It’s thought the club’s involvement in the Super League project, along with Real Madrid – who also rejected the deal – has something to do with their decision, raising claims that the Blaugrana have chosen the Super League over Messi, even if the CVC deal is likely to go ahead anyway given 42 clubs will get an equal vote on the outcome.

And Llopis has now claimed that Laporta was pressured into making the decision with recently-appointed CEO Reverter threatening to resign before convincing Laporta to choose rejecting the CVC deal over keeping Messi, with the help of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Llopis said: “The new CEO demanded a lot. The CEO of Barca threatened Laporta with resigning if he (Laporta) signed with CVC.

“Florentino convinced him because he had already supported the Super League.

“Between the CEO and Florentino, they convinced Laporta that he has to fire Messi and not sign with CVC”

On the back of those comments, La Liga chief Tebas commented on Twitter, adding: “This is starting to become clear…who is in control of FCB?

“Without Messi, without 270million, perfect plan…”

At this point, however, it is important to point out that the claims from Llopis are indeed only claims, and we are yet to hear Laporta or Reverter’s side of the story.

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  1. Laporta knew that he would not sign Messi for a long time.
    Otherwise it would have been impossible to fire Messi and have instantly a meeting after that with Perez and Agnelli as they dont live close together and neither have the time.
    It’s impossible for both things to happen in such a short time frame(kicking out the greatest player +meeting with arcenemy Perez) except
    that the meeting with Perez was planned long time ago,and for the meeting to happen Messi had to be fired.

    Remember Laporta promis to sign haaland(which would have an overcost of 250-300mio)
    though barca had no money.
    Same thing with Messi.

  2. Not Tebas Not La Liga is Laporta that send Messi packing, in your hometown you don’t have the confidence again to return as elected president until you tell lies by saying I will do all I can to keep Messi, BIG SHAME ON LAPORTA.

  3. This article has one glaring issue – Reverter reports to the board/junta – thus he reports to Laporta. The article makes it seem like Laporta reports to Reverter or that Laporta could be threatened by Reverter. That would not happen. I’m sure there were disagreements between Reverter and Laporta as Laporta’s role is more political and Reverter is focused on the business, but ultimate decision would be more in Laporta’s hands than Reverters.

    1. Your comment has one glaring issue.

      The article is neither an opinion nor a claim
      but the quote of a high ex Barca official(llomis)with insiderknowledge who
      quit working for Barca
      and it is llomis who makes these claims.

      Now we can argue about the powerstructure and hierachie
      but there is no denying that Laporta chose Reverter over Messi,when Reverter threatened to quit.

      There is also a Laporta who was running around for month shouting “messi,messi,messi -we will make a new contract”
      and all of a sudden no more messi.

      Indicates that someone else is calling the shots.

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