Gareth Bale faces wearing new number for Real Madrid after Tottenham return

Gareth Bale has a number problem after returning to Real Madrid following his Tottenham loan spell.

The Welshman spent last season on loan with Spurs where he wore the number nine, but during his absence from the Spanish capital, Marco Asensio snapped up his beloved number 11.

Bale had worn the number 11 throughout his time for Real Madrid, through all of his 13 titles.

But upon his return ahead of this season, the final campaign of his contract, Bale faces wearing new digits.

And as Diario AS have pointed out, the only number free is 16, which was vacated by Luka Jovic when he went out on loan last season.

Though, it’s also noted that Casemiro could take up his national team number in number five given Raphael Varane’s impending exit, meaning Bale and the returning Dani Ceballos could have 14 and 16 to choose from.

For the moment, though, it’s 16 or a digit from the late 20s or 30s for Bale, who is likely to struggle to convince Asensio to give his beloved 11 back.

Meanwhile, Martin Odegaard and Jovic, who also spent time out on loan last season, are also looking for new numbers, but they wore the numbers 21 and 18 respectively in the friendly against Rangers, perhaps providing a big clue over their new digits.

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  1. thobi says:

    jovic had the 18 before he left real, not the 16…

  2. Eesh says:

    I’m the fifth paragraph, you wrote that number 16 is vacated as Luka Jovic went on loan last season. It should rather be Borja Mayoral.

    1. CFC says:

      he is still out on loan to roma

  3. Dom says:

    Jovic wore, and I suspect will continue to wear, #18. Also, players registered to the first team, which Bale will have to be as he is not eligible to be a youth player, must wear a number between 1 and 25. You wrote an article about numbers, and don’t know how they work.

  4. flourish says:

    bale should go with the 16 shirt

  5. Rêx wonderful says:

    Gareth Bale should be given back his number 11 while Asensio should take up his number 20
    Bale deserve that number 11

    1. Austin Robinson says:

      I agree with you, Bale deverse that respect

    2. Austin Robinson says:

      True. I agree with you, Bale should get his #11 back, he deserves that respect

    3. Anita says:

      I agree too! Bale deserves the fucking world if he wants it! And I am sure Asencio will give him his number back. There won’t be a problem about this matter so move on!

  6. Adrian Mijeymar jr says:

    Bale totally deserves the no 11 jersey…Give the man his respect

  7. Robben poundz says:

    Asensio should drop the number 11 for him
    And go back to his 20

  8. SIMON JOSSY says:

    Asensio should respect a senior player so when his time comes he will also be given such respect too.

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