Barcelona looking to apply the Alejandro Balde Formula to their negotiations with Ilaix Moriba

Barcelona are still in the process of negotiating Ilaix Moriba’s new contract according to Mundo Deportivo. They’ve been meeting throughout the week but as of yet have been unable to find middle ground, but a possible solution lies in the manner in which they renewed fellow La Masia product Alejandro Balde’s deal.

Barcelona have offered Ilaix a three-year deal. This way, he’d be able to establish himself in Ronald Koeman’s first team and renegotiate for higher terms when he’s 21, at which point Barcelona’s financial situation will also be better. It’s a case of betting on oneself and deciding Barcelona is the best place to grow; that’s what Balde has decided.

Ilaix Moriba

Both parties in Ilaix’s case are cautious about predicting what’s going to happen. Sources close to the negotiation claim it’s 50/50 whether he’ll stay or leave, with the Premier League touted as the most likely destination in the case of the latter. Ilaix has been relegated to Barcelona B as punishment for his stance, and wants to resolve his future as soon as possible.

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