Memphis has already told Barcelona fans why they should not call him Depay

New Barcelona signing Memphis is often referred to by his full name, but that’s not how the forward would like it to be.

Memphis joined Barcelona on a free transfer this summer following an impressive four-year spell at Lyon.

The Dutchman scored 60 Ligue 1 goals in 139 appearances for Lyon ahead of being snapped up as one of three free signings by Barca this summer, along with Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia from Manchester City.

Upon his signing, Memphis has often been referred to by his full name, which includes his legal surname Depay.

But the forward has already made it clear that he does not want to be referred to by that name due to his family history.

Speaking to the BBC following his decision to drop his surname in 2012, he said of his father, who abandoned him when he was four years of age: “I will never forgive him.

“Do not call me Depay, call me Memphis.

“No, I don’t want to explain exactly what happened at home because I don’t want to make people feel ashamed. And that’s how it will remain because I’ve already moved on.”

Memphis has now touched down in Barcelona for pre-season following his official unveiling on Monday.

He arrives late to Camp Nou after being given extra time off due to his participation at Euro 2020 with the Netherlands.

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  1. Diana says:

    That’s his business

  2. gibbs says:

    who is memphis not to forgive his father when God can forgive us our memphis witout me memphis wld becme a better striker if he learns to forgive

    1. Tory says:

      Memphis doesn’t owe his father or anyone forgiveness….Get that into your head

    2. Jay14 says:

      Never will you understand what he has gone through until you go through it and fortunately for you you might never if he will never forgive him he has every right bcuz the person who was supposed to love and support him abandoned him when he needed him most even though we don’t know what the reason was but there is no excuse to abandon you child you knew exactly what you were doing when you made him so take responsibility for you bloody actions so Memphis owes him nothing forgiveness will be between him and the God or whoever he serves

  3. Denwosu Chibuike says:

    Then let him manufacture another name to replace Depay.

    1. Whiteman says:

      Did u actually read what was written? He doesn’t even want the name.

  4. Gerry says:

    There is no God.

    1. Power says:

      Do think ppl will argue with u
      Only fools argue with fools

    2. homie says:

      u sound funny. may God forgive u

    3. Josh says:

      Psalm 14:1

    4. Joshua says:

      Can u see u ar fool, even daft

  5. Papa Sonni Bobor says:

    He is correct but at a point in time we just have to forgive and move on.

  6. gibbs says:

    tnk u n indeed my head is saturated wit the real facts of the memphis depay matter to know that for memphis to have real peace going forward he must forgive and let go his grudge and bitterness against his dad.

  7. Michael thomas says:

    Memphis if god can forgive us our sins den who are you not too forgive some one learn how too forgive and forget

  8. Michael thomas says:

    Memphis if god can forgive us our sins den who are you not too forgive some one learn how too forgive and forget no matter what may be

  9. chisom says:

    u have to forgive and forget Memphis

  10. Amosdinho says:

    Memphis: I want u to know that forgiveness is one easy way achieve happiness. Also the word never belongs to GOD.

  11. Editoro says:

    Memphis, I’m your biggest fan, i have watched all your apperances for Lyon, I even have your shirt i mean the original jersey from the #PSGLYO game

  12. Maurice says:

    Good luck Delay at camp Nou

  13. gibbs says:

    Mr.Tory,try as i hv to grasp the gist of ur argument,i still cme away wit nothing sensible.i think u shld do some reading b4 rush to type.i am privileged to hv extensively read wat transpired btw memphis and his dad n even though im not proud of his dads

  14. gibbs says:

    Mr.Tory continued:
    attitude,it doesnt warrant memphis utterances.i hv read so many pple who hv gone tru worse situations tggan memphis but still forgave their offenders.
    memphis is a christian and it consistent wit christian doctrines and teaching

  15. gibbs says:

    to always forgive especially when d offender hs asked for it.
    if u are adept at not forgiving,do not wish same for others.time heals all wounds and wit time memphis will heal and forgive his dad and there’ll be nothing d likes of u can do abt it

  16. Stephen says:

    You will never forgive the misgivings of the one who birthed you? Then you have set yourself up with God and made your sentencing easier. Don’t let the godless world clap you on to perdition. Only a few connect properly with eternity.

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