Florentino Perez calls Cristiano Ronaldo an idiot and Jose Mourinho abnormal in leaked audio from 2012

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez was left red-faced on Tuesday when audio from 2006 was leaked where he labelled Raul and Iker Casillas the two biggest frauds in the club’s history. A second strike has come on Wednesday according to Marca, leaked audio from 2012 in which Florentino labels Cristiano Ronaldo an idiot and Jose Mourinho abnormal.

“He’s crazy,” Florentino said of Cristiano. “This guy is an idiot, a sick man. You think this guy is normal but he’s not normal, otherwise he wouldn’t do all the things he does. The last nonsense he did, the whole world saw it. Why do you think he does that stupid thing?”

With regard to Mourinho, Florentino honed in on his relationship with super-agent Jorge Mendes. “Mendes doesn’t control [Cristiano], just like he doesn’t control Mourinho. Zero weight. These are guys with a serious ego, both spoiled, and they don’t see reality because they could both earn a lot more money if they were otherwise inclined.

“These two are abnormal, because we’re talking about a lot of money in respect to image rights. Also, with that face they have, that defiant way, that everyone dislikes them; if the publicity is the opposite, it’s the opposite!”

Cristiano joined Madrid from Manchester United in the summer of 2009 and went on to spend nine productive years in the Spanish capital before joining Juventus in 2018. The Portuguese won four Ballon d’Or awards during his time at the Santiago Bernabeu as well as two La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues.

Mourinho’s stint at the club was shorter but not lacking incident. The Portuguese joined Madrid after leading Inter to a treble in 2010, staying in the Spanish capital until 2013. In that time he won three trophies; La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Supercopa de Espana, managing to break the dominance of Pep Guardiola’s all-conquering Barcelona team.

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  1. Some people don’t like people with ego, do they find why??
    Who guys got friends and family who stick with them for the rest of their lives.
    Two ego people don’t stick together.
    I don’t follow Christian but I think sometime we should let him be. For mourinho, I want to be like him, he really knows his wealth and has proven it. Most coaches sinks but he always move on.

    1. I follow Cristiano and envy him,he has nothing more to prove, he has done it and is living it. Don’t fight the reality just accept it Perez.

  2. That was a very wrong impression. Murhino was never able to conquer Guardiola anywhere. Not in la Liga or EPL or wherever they met. He ran out of la Liga. He couldn’t succeed. Check d cups he even won, no one was without serious controversies as the referee’s poor decisions worked in his favor. Check d Copa del Rey final where d referee disallowed Pedro’s goal. 2011/12 la Liga seasons was kinda handled to favor him. Of d three things he won in Spain, only d supercopa was won with little or no controversies.
    He never ever was able to stop Guardiola at all.

    1. Which team or manager is without controversies. I really validate your point, you are very right, but don’t be too emotionally carried away for to realize that these two, great individuals; Mourinho and Pep are the biggest manager in football world. But have had their own share of success and failures, both have managed the best teams in the world, but have won trophies, both have individuals that are loyal to them, just like everyone and everything in life. Let’s enjoy them, their rivalry while it last. Pep/Mourinh, best managers in world of football.

    2. Mourinho won La Liga in 2012. Where was Barcelona playing in 2012? La Liga. Mourinho broke Barcelonas dominance.

  3. Mourinho is not better than Pep. He’s just a coach who continues to break down teams around the world. He’s living on past glory. Pep has never broken down teams like Mourinho did to Chelsea, Madrid and others. Look at his recent migration from team to team which is due to his inability to properly manage. Just look at Pep record from time to time.

    1. Another idiot talking, so Fiorentino didn’t know about all that and he still hired Mourinho

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