Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona and becomes a free agent

Lionel Messi has left Barcelona and become a free agent. It’s a sentence Barcelona fans will have never have wanted to have read, but it’s the truth. As of July 1st, CEST, the Argentine’s contract with the club he joined as a pimply-faced teenager expired and he officially entered the market as a free agent.

Lionel Messi of Argentina

That doesn’t mean he’ll leave, of course. Barcelona remain confident that Messi will renew his contract with the club and continue for another two seasons, but won’t deny that the optics of the situation are far from ideal. At the very least, it hints to a degree of ambiguity in Messi’s intentions, a lack of conviction.

Lionel Messi

Messi is 34 as of last week, and isn’t the player he was at his peak. He’s still, however, one of if not the best player in the world. The Argentina is currently at the Copa America leading his country, and has scored three goals and contributed two assists in four appearances so far. With Barcelona last season, he hit 30 goals and contributed eleven assists in 35 appearances.

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  1. Jimmy Tan says:


  2. MansurAwakkala says:

    Am not interest lion messi to leve bercelona

  3. Mansu rA wakkala says:

    Am not interest lion messi to leve bercelona


    I wish Messi remained at Barcelona ..But it is upon him to decide the Club to join .The next best option would have been The true blues .The pride of London .Chelsea.

  5. Sipho Simelane says:

    Even if Barcelona FC is short of purse, the club gave the mercurial player that is Messi, the space and platform to weave his magic. As a matter of honor, it would be nice for Messi to stay. He has nothing to prove. He has become Barcelona, and Barcelona FC is Messi!

  6. Amanda ueros says:

    It is not true

  7. Alexander says:

    He should come to Manchester City we need him Champions League around the corner

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