Sergio Ramos’ former agent speaks out against Sergio and his brother, Rene

Many have spoken and written about Sergio and Rene Ramos in these past few days, ever since the former’s departure from Real Madrid was made official after 16 years at the club. Now, according to Marca, a former representative of Sergio’s has spoken out against the pair.

Pedro Bravo was the man who brokered the deal back in the summer of 2005 that saw Ramos leave Sevilla for Madrid for a fee of €27m, right at the end of the transfer window. Now president of a Spanish association dedicated to football agents, he didn’t hold his tongue when criticising the conduct of the Ramos brothers.

“He who brought Sergio Ramos to Real Madrid 16 years ago would never have allowed him to leave as he has, because there would have never been so much tension in the negotiations nor blackmails, leaks or accidental expiration,” he wrote on Twitter. “There would have been dialogue and professionalism. Real Madrid aren’t to be ignored!”


The chief issue of the negotiations was the format of the contract. Ramos wanted a multi-year option, while Madrid wanted to give him the single-year deal they felt a 35-year-old merited. Ramos ultimately caved after a long standoff and accepted the one-year deal, only for Madrid to reveal it had been taken off the table; they had put an expiration date on it, and the Ramos brothers had either not noticed it or ignored it.

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