The reasons for Sergio Ramos’ goodbye to Real Madrid

A year ago, note Marca, it would have been impossible to have even imagined Real Madrid without Sergio Ramos. But the distance between the captain and president Florentino Perez since they failed to reach an agreement back in January weakened their relationship and enabled it to happen.

Sergio Ramos

This meeting took place at a hotel in Elche, were Ramos asked Florentino for a two-year contract with two more years included as a coach. From that point, the club gave up on their captain; his refusal to take a salary reduction tipped the situation to a point where Madrid decided to move swiftly, holding firm on a one-year deal and nothing more.

Sergio Ramos

Ramos himself feels mistreated, a sentiment that hasn’t helped negotiations flow smoothly. Everything, according to sources on the ground, felt somewhat inevitable once that conversation in January ended without a positive resolution. The last-ditch hope from Ramos’ camp was that Carlo Ancelotti would demand his continuity, only for the newly-arrived Italian coach to take the club’s side.

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  1. If he is asking for 4 Yrs he worth being given after helping them to lift many trophies as a captain and also last season without him madrid wouldnt have win any thing, no only last season but also last three season . I will be hoping to see him joining CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB to seek more challenges

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