Cristiano Ronaldo’s witty comment causes $4m loss for Coca Cola

Cristiano Ronaldo has left bosses at Coca Cola wide-eyed following the Portugal star’s economic impact on the famed drinks company.

Ronaldo sent a witty message over Coca Cola during a Portugal press conference during Euro 2020.

After taking his seat during a press conference, the former Real Madrid superstar picked up the two bottles of Coca Cola which were laid out ready on the desk and said “Water. Coca Cola…”

He passed the drinks along the desk and grabbed a bottle of water, telling people at home which of the drinks was a healthy choice.

But what Ronaldo may not have realised is the huge financial impact he would have on Coca Cola with those words.

As reported by Marca, at the market’s open in Europe, Coca Cola’s shares were worth $56.1, but by the time Ronaldo and his Portugal boss Fernando Santos left their seats at the press conference, shares had dropped to $55.2 each.

The 1.6% drop in share price meant a loss of $4million dollars in terms of company worth.

Though, given the size of the company and the fact they are plastered all across advertising boards for the duration of Euro 2020 as one of the competition’s main sponsors, they are likely to bounce back swiftly.

(Image via UEFA)

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  1. Toby says:

    Well Cristiano Ronaldo must be so tried of Coca Cola , something he have been drinking since childhood, but water, get 100% our vote

  2. Lilove says:

    He is very honest. Water is always the best for health reasons.

  3. Smart Investor says:

    This article blew my mind. Do you really think smart investors out there were watching this conference and all of the sudden they liquidated their position just due one simple comment? Literally Laughing Out Loud…

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