Real Madrid set to release player after attending wedding

Real Madrid are set to release Femenino player Chioma Grace Ubogagu after she attended a wedding without the consent of the club.

The England international – who started her career at Arsenal – joined Los Blancos in the summer of 2019 (when the club were then named Tacon) – and scored twice in 11 appearances for the club this campaign.


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A report in Cadena Cope now outlines that Madrid have responded to the lack of discipline by removing her player profile from the club’s website, as it appears that her future now lies away from the club.

Chioma Ubogagu, Real Madrid

All of the club’s players were granted a period of rest and recuperation, while they were said to be under instruction not to travel or partake in any other activities without prior permission.

With two rounds of fixtures remaining in this season’s La Liga Iberdrola, Madrid sit in second place in the standings and have guaranteed a top three slot and European qualification for next season.

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  1. Soromania says:

    If she was the highest top goal scorer who they have treated her in such a manner?

  2. Paparistic says:

    I believe clubs have rules and regulations which must be followed but if she attended a wedding of her sibblings does that mean she should be sacked from the club? This is crazy! What sort of crazy football club does that? You can punish her but not to that extent, taking away food from her table seems extreme. I wish her the best and I think she needs to find a new club. I hate Madrid more for this. They suck!

    1. WILSON says:

      I love Madrid to the extreme but this injustice is way out of line. I mean who does that shit? We have heard a lot of ballers being purnished and fined find such act but not sacking the players.. I know they can’t do that to a white person… well, all I know Is that if she isn’t good Madrid wouldn’t have hired her for her service. I believe a good club will come calling soon. I wish her all the best…

      1. El Alberto baci says:

        Yea..thats too bad its because she is black anyways is her journey to a better place..

    2. Theiry says:

      You guys should stop taken side. If she went against the club rule she need to be punished. Real madrid is a club with strick rules and regulations. And which must be respected by all is not a matter of being racist. Real madrid is one of the highest club in Spain with diverse nationalities and every one who played with them has always have the comfort of belonging

    3. Damn says:

      Happy hating,
      They makes their money either you hate or not..
      She felt too big to give prior notice to her employer,

    4. Gabriel Unwaba says:

      Club have rules, and she signed to obey the rules as Madrid player.

      What stopes her from taking permission and explaining the situation to the club? If everyone were to do what she did, they would be no Madrid.

  3. Jaybee says:

    Don’t mind them racist club if na white they will not send her away

  4. Ngozi Enuekwe says:

    It’s super petty of the club to put this out there like that. It shows they have no self respect or value for her as one of their players .

  5. Ngozi Enuekwe says:

    It is super petty for the club to put this out there , it shows they have no respect or value for her as a player . Wishing you the very best in your next endeavor Chioma as you remain a superstar

  6. JOLLY AMAYO says:

    Surely, this is unfair decision and obviously rasist. In as much as she had erred, the punishment is no way proportional to the offence. This is a flimsy excuse not to pay for unjust termination of her contract.

  7. Adeyemi Adeoye says:

    I pray God will open another better way for you in Jesus name….amen

  8. Chidozie Chiukpai says:

    Totally racist club

    1. Jumoskeh says:

      One of Madrid best Fan.
      My oppunion, i think Madrid made a mistake on this one. Madrid is a Club with high intrest they value the Club intrest more than peoples’ priorities in the club let them not forget thet people made the Club how it is.
      Rules are just rules, so sacomstances can break rules.
      If they Sark the Player i believe they have no intrest on her, just making this as an exquice.
      There are many clubs she can play if not Madrid….

  9. Gabriel Leonard says:

    You guys shouldn’t base your judgement on this. Remember she has a signed contract. A club cannot release a player just because they disobeyed an instruction. Not possible. It can only be done upon the expiration of a signed contract. Her contract has probably expired and since she isn’t very productive, it makes sense to not renew it. So understand it first before you criticise.

  10. Gabriel Leonard says:

    It’s not correct. It’s not true. A club cannot release a player except the contract expires.. even if she disobeyed a rule, the worst punishment is a fine. Statistically, she isn’t very productive in the club. Maybe that’s why her contract wasnt renewed. And by the way, the season has ended, so it makes sense to adjust the club’s website

  11. Jeff says:

    Because she’s black that’s why she was treated this way.i dont blame the I think she will soon get a new club…

  12. Charmaine says:

    God punish Dem and for her sake Dem no go smell trophy for 3 seasons

  13. Prince Jeffo says:

    Real Madrid are very useless club why will they sack her for attending her siblings wedding if is a white Lady nothing will happened . you see this year both men and women football is nothing to write about because God is not sleeping by punishing his daughter like that they can’t win any cup in the club again both men & women division ever .

  14. Ahmed sulaimon says:

    Too ash but learn from your mistakes dear

  15. Wale says:

    They are very stupid club they lack feelings for humanity, babaric altitude. Foolish club I’ve already hate you right from this moment. A club with lack of emotional quotent, social qoutent, and lack of adversity quotent. Your father. Mind you, you Soon relegate…..

  16. John or tic says:

    It is very wrong for the club to do such a thing seriously, the need to give her different punishment instead of dropping her from the team it is very bad .

    1. Francisco says:

      Também acho que foram longe demais com esta decisão. Deviam dar um outro castigo. Pagar uma multa por exemplo ficar sem jogar algumas partidas. Agora demitir, sinceramente acho extremismo.

  17. Eddie Mchelsea says:

    Mmm😠😠😠,Stay away and surpport
    Your siblings they surpoted you to become who you’re to day, crazy things do happen to us we blacks 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  18. Ade King says:

    This story is apparently not right. No club, no matter how big they are, can terminate a player’s contract on account of travelling for family event. Chioma’s contract obviously expired and, because she wasn’t that productive in the closed season, she was released, but the press is making it look like she was fired for indiscipline. Her agent will definitely sue Madrid if that was the case.

  19. Ibrahim Tejan-Jalloh says:

    I am Madrid for life but this decision is not welcome by fans ,There are other disciplinary measures without expelling the poor lady ,half salary for a week

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