Barcelona president Joan Laporta is moving decisively and aggressively to give Lionel Messi what he wants

Love him or hate him, Joan Laporta gets things done. The Catalan was elected as Barcelona president at the beginning of the year for the second time, having previously led the club between 2003 and 2010. Since then, he’s moved decisively and ruthlessly, clearly determined to return Barcelona to the top table of European football.

Barcelona are a club that generate an incredible amount of income, but the root of that financial success is found in the success of its football team. It’s a mistake to, like Manchester United have done in recent times, focus on commercial performance first and football second. Barcelona are a titanic commercial presence globally because they’ve produced phenomenal football teams over the last 20 years.

That will be the primary focus of this piece; football decisions. Much has been made of Barcelona’s involvement in the Super League project, something Laporta inherited from the disgraced Josep Maria Bartomeu, his predecessor. Laporta has always defensively maintained that he’d put the decision to Barcelona’s members before it would be cast in stone, and been noticeably more reticent on the topic than the more bombastic Florentino Perez. But that’s a whole other story.

Joan Laporta and Ronald Koeman

Regarding sporting matters, Laporta has been smart and aggressive. Just this past week three new signings landed in Catalonia; Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia joined from Manchester City as free agents, while Emerson joined from Real Betis. Gini Wijnaldum had been predicted to join soon, also as a free agent, from Liverpool, although it seems Paris Saint-Germain have stolen a march there.

Memphis Depay, yet another free agent, also seems to be on the verge of joining from Lyon; a team is being constructed that could be so exciting it’d be worth purchasing a VPN for streaming to watch them in action. What can such a tool do? Well, it hides your IP address and unblocks access to a variety of streaming services. Then, you can watch any content you like regardless of where you are. For instance, you’ll never miss a match while travelling abroad!

Joan Laporta

Laporta has also refreshed footballing operations beyond the playing squad. He was open and cold-blooded in looking for a superior option to Ronald Koeman, only to eventually realise that the Dutchman is the best man to lead the club for the time being and confirm his continuity for next season. Jordi Cruyff, son of the mythical Johan Cruyff, who himself was an important Laporta ally during his previous stint as president, has also joined the club as a sporting director, reinforcing that cultural aspect all-important to Barcelona.

Laporta also looks to be adopting an aggressive posture regarding the so-called sacred cows at the club. Several high-earners, previously untouchable, will have to reduce their salaries or be sold to balance the books and free up funds for fresh blood. Sergio Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba fall into this category. Laporta knows there’s no room for sentiment in elite sport, and will do what it takes to get Barcelona back to being a lean and mean machine.

All is done, in part, at the behest of Lionel Messi. The Barcelona captain’s contract expires at the end of this month and he’s yet to renew, currently away with Argentina at the Copa America in Brazil. An offer is on the table and, at this stage, it seems more likely he’ll continue at the club than leave. But what he wants most of all is a competitive sporting project, to lead a team capable of winning the Champions League, a title Messi hasn’t claimed since 2015. Laporta, to his credit, is doing all he can to deliver it.

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  1. Franklin says:

    The problem with the board is that they do not know when to let go and when to accept change.The team is not an individual player and Barca needs to accept change.
    The time for Leo Messi style is over and the club needs to build team around another rising star though Messi will be important to help team.
    Adopt a new strategy,style,accept change because doing one thing and the same thing all the time is failure

    1. Jessy Cadenas Meza says:

      Good point.

    2. Humphrey tchi says:

      Messi is a product of barca,like steven gerald was at liverpool,andre pierlo was at juve.we need leo at barca cause he’s not only our play maker but the emblem of the team and club in general.

    3. Napoleon Vhavenda says:

      That’s true, but the youngster must step up first. The reason why the barcelona team was built around Messi was because he stepped up and produced results. This led to him being a pillar.

  2. Rodreck Kabaya says:

    Barcelona needs fresh blood, young players not like Sergio Aguero, he is already tired…. Messi is not God that the board has to listen to what he wants.. He is already tired, becoming selfish too… AJAX AMSTERDAM reached Uefa champions semi final with very young players.. Please, don’t bring donkeys to Barcelona…

    1. Ikechukwu Solomon says:


  3. Levi Leviticus says:

    Yes But allowing mssi to go now is not the best solution because he still has much to do to rebuild the club. So i suggest to give him another more chance.

  4. Bakay gibba says:

    The club need to change the style of playing the Ball also the club the adjust and try by all means to sign a good hard defender and midfielder to maintain the pressure.

  5. Hines says:

    I sincerely respect your opinion my brother but I’m not in agreement totally. We need to rebuild and change our approach but we must also know and understand our DNA! This is what we have lost over the last few years, OUR IDENTITY AS BARCELONA. I thought that Koeman as a paat player would have actually brought that back but he has failed miserably with stupid rotations. With that being said however, we all remain Barca fans for life and will support our team win, lose or draw.

  6. Gayden Gugulethu Mvuka says:

    Leo Messi’s Era is over, age is not on his side, other players like Buesquet, Alba and Pique are also out of tune due to age. Fresh blood will do for Barca of course with the aid from Messi. Barcelona did the same during the Ronaldinho’s tenure, they gradually adopted the Messi system with help of Ronaldinho.

  7. John A says:

    One wonders if Cruyff knows he’s merely a figment of our imagination?

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