SoRare, the game that takes fantasy football to the next level and brings out your inner Monchi

Everyone knows about fantasy football, and everyone has their own hyper-competitive leagues where they go up against friends. Fantasy sports, after all, is a booming business worth $18.6b in 2019 and expected to hit a valuation of $48.6b by 2027.

In fantasy football, players put together lineups each week, earning points due to the on-pitch actions of the men they’ve chosen. SoRare does things differently, enabling you to purchase digital trading cards tokenised on the Ethereum blockchain instead of choosing players from a list.

You then own these non-fungible token (NFT) cards and can resell them to your desire as crypto collectibles. They’re at the heart of the SoRare experience, but as well as them there are prizes up for grabs in the form of cryptocurrency and rare, valuable cards.


Like traditional fantasy football, the goal is to build lineups that give users the best chance of providing valuable in-game metrics such as goals and assists that translate as in-game points. The goal is to amass as many points as possible and beat other users.

SoRare has licensed players from over 100 clubs across a multitude of leagues, and you add players to your squad by purchasing the digital trading cards form the marketplace.

La Liga is represented by Atletico Madrid, Real Betis, Real Madrid and Valencia, four of the country’s biggest clubs. That selection enables users to sign Jan Oblak, Sergio Ramos, Carlos Soler and Sergio Canales, and include them all in the same team. If you’ve been disappointed with Florentino Perez’s transfer policy, or fancy yourself as the next Monchi, now’s your chance to prove it.


You can choose the type of league you sign up to, from a rookie league for newcomers, regional leagues, and even a league that only includes players below the age of 23. You can assemble lineups from the cards you own. It’s a game that brings together things people are obsessive about – football, fantasy football, sporting collectibles, cryptocurrency – and does it in a unique way.

Sign up to Sorare with this link, collect 5 cards from the new signings market and you’ll get a free rare card as a present

You can play SoRare without spending a cent, simply by signing up at SoRare’s website and following the prompts to unlock up to 12 free common player cards. They hold no real-world value and can’t be sold, but they can be used in the fantasy leagues. During the sign-up process, you pick your favourite teams among the licensed squads, enter your first league and build a lineup.

It’s a simple process to get up to speed, teaching you the basics before introducing you to the market where you can begin to purchase premium NFT cards tokenised on the Ethereum blockchain. You can also resell those cards at a fixed price, typically for higher than when first released. It’s a lot of fun.

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