Real Madrid make two key appointments in restructuring of La Fabrica

Real Madrid have continued with the restructuring of their youth system according to Marca, a process that began with the appointment of Manu Fernandez last year. He had taken over from Ramon Martinez, who’s now deputy to Jose Angel Sanchez.

Carlos Guerrero and Damian Jimenez, currently at Getafe, will come on board next season, a sign that Manu Fernandez is keen to surround himself with characters he trusts as he renovates Madrid’s youth system.

Carlos Guerrero is technical secretary of Getafe’s youth system, a man who came through Atletico Madrid’s academy before playing for clubs including Real Valladolid, Getafe, Murcia, Toledo and Racing de Ferrol. Damian Jimenez, his right hand, heads up grassroots football at Getafe and is a member of the club’s board.

Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu stadium

The two will look to continue in the work Manu Fernandez began last year. Son of Manuel Fernandez Trigo, general manager of Madrid for 21 years, he’s a lifelong football man, coming through the old Ciudad Deportiva between 1994 and 2000. Players like Guti and Alvaro Benedict came through alongside him.

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