UEFA divided on whether to sanction Real Madrid and Juventus

Real Madrid and Juventus are not yet exempt from a UEFA sanction according to Diario AS. Legally, it seems unfeasible that the former will be expelled from this season’s Champions League, but it’s possible they could be forbidden from competing next season. Such a move would collide with a ruling laid down by a Madrid court, who mandate that the clubs involved in the Super League can’t be disciplined.

Florentino Perez

Part of UEFA demand maximum harshness and advocate banning the pair from European competition next season, while another part want to appease them and promote a kind of forgiveness and understanding. This debate will be put on the table this Friday, when the Executive Committee, originally meeting to decide the final venues for the European Championship, discuss it.

Joan Laporta and Florentino Perez

So far, UEFA has been kind to clubs that took a step back regarding their plans to breakaway with the Super League, but neither Madrid nor Barcelona have retracted their intention and Juventus were ambiguous in their statement. Barcelona have sided with Madrid in the face of the threats from UEFA, setting up an intriguing saga.

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