Barcelona and Real Madrid could have earned €600m if they won the Super League

Joan Laporta, favourite to win the Barcelona presidency from the moment he began his campaign, always maintained that there was options that could be taken by the club that could compensate for Camp Nou being closed to the public, something that cost Barcelona around €300m this year according to Mundo Deportivo. “There are business lines that can be exploited much more than what has been done so far,” he said in December.


A month-and-a-half after being elected, he gave the go-ahead for Barcelona to join the breakaway Super League, following on from previous president Josep Maria Bartomeu’s groundwork. Accession would have brought an immediate windfall of €350m with the potential to earn over €600m if they actually won the tournament, much more than the €100m currently bestowed on the winner of the Champions League.

Barcelona and Real Madrid were the clubs who were going to earn the most money out of the €7.2bn distributed amongst the 20 participating clubs each season. The money was to be divided according to the brand value of each club, with historical record, results in each season and the marketing value of games of pivotal importance. In each measure, Barcelona and Madrid came out on top, so had the most to gain.

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