Gary Lineker mocks Florentino Perez over European Super League plans

Former Barcelona striker Gary Lineker has mocked Real Madrid president Florentino Perez over his statement on the new European Super League (ESL).

Perez has been confirmed as the inaugural ESL president following the decision of 12 major European clubs to form a breakaway league.

The 74-year old braved the wrath of football fans from across Europe in a controversial interview last night in which he claimed the change was needed to save football from economic meltdown.

He also advocated dramatic changes including shortening the length of matches in order to engage with younger audiences, and Lineker has reacted with a tongue-in-cheek Twitter response.

Lineker also called on his former club Barcelona to withdraw their plans to join the club as football unites in their opposition to the league.

UEFA are expected to meet today to discuss their response to the plans, and to Perez’s comments, with the potential for immediate bans being imposed in this season’s Champions League and Europa League.


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  1. I will stop following Barca if ESL goes ahead + I absolutely refuse to consume any product managed by the Mafia boss of bosses, aka Perez, one of the destroyers of the beautiful game, of La Liga, and of the Spanish NT (think the Euro finals a few years ago)

    Yes, FIFA and UEFA are corrupt (see the 3 straight UCL wins by the White Mafia, or last season’s La Liga 10+ games with ALL controversial plays going the way of White Mafia via VAR, which Perez managed to highjack in no time)…

    … so yes, FIFA and UEFA are corrupt, but the solution is to reform them, not to come up with an even more corrupt scheme concocted by the cancer of soccer himself, aka Perez.

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