La Liga president Javier Tebas hits out at plans for European Super League

UEFA have released a strongly-worded statement against the creation of a so-called European Super League. They say that themselves, the English Football Association and the Premier League, the Royal Spanish Football Federation and La Liga, and the Italian Football Federation and Serie A have learned that a cohort of English, Spanish and Italian clubs are planning to announce a new, closed European Super League.

Should that come to pass, the statement claimed, all of the aforementioned organisations, as well as FIFA, would remain united in their efforts to stop the project, accusing it of being founded on cynicism and self-interest. They’ll consider all measures available to them, judicially and sporting, to stop the project before it gets off the ground.

Any club involved in this project would be banned from competing in any of UEFA or FIFA’s competitions at a domestic, European or global level, and the players who represent those clubs would be banned from playing for their national teams. The statement closed by thanking clubs in other countries, especially France and Germany, from going along with the project, and called on all lovers of football to join them in the fight against it.


Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, followed up the statement with a quote-tweet in which he did anything but hold back. “At last, the ‘gurus’ of the ‘powerpoint’ super league, drunk with selfishness and lack of solidarity, are going to leave the ‘five o’clock bar’, from the ‘underground’,” he wrote. “UEFA, the European Leagues and La Liga have been working at this for a long time and they will get their due answer.”

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    Are they going to replace uefa champions league with european super league

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