Barcelona to play in special Catalan-inspired shirt for Copa del Rey final

Saturday night sees the eagerly anticipated Copa del Rey final between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona – two of Spanish football’s most distinguished and historic clubs.

The Blaugrana have now confirmed that they will not be playing the game in their traditional home shirts and will instead be playing in a one-off kit which has been inspired by an unofficial flag of Catalonia.

The Senyera Estelada – translating into English as the starred flag – is the unofficial flag of the North-Eastern region of Spain, of which Barcelona is the capital, and is commonly flown by Catalan nationalist supporters.

It is a variation of the Senyera, the flag typically used to cover the region and surrounding areas.

The predominant yellow and red colours – accompanied with a touch of blue – has frequently been the away colours of the Catalan giants.

However, this season the club’s most recent away kits have been all-black kits and pink shirts.

Barcelona are aiming to win their first trophy since the 2018/19 campaign – and are still in the race for the domestic double.


  1. john says:

    The Senyera Estelada is NOT the Catalan flag. It is a flag used by the Catalan separatists. The Catalan flag is simply red and yellow stripes without a star

  2. Abdulrasheed Idris says:

    Am Happy to this jersey

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