Barcelona board disagree with boss Koeman on VAR’s influence in El Clasico loss

The board of Barcelona are at odds with boss Ronald Koeman on the reason for their side’s El Clasico defeat to Real Madrid this weekend.

The Dutchman once again vented his anger at officiating during the match and believed it was influential in his side’s defeat, with Marca outlining how VAR has often been the focus of Koeman’s vitriol this campaign.

However, Cadena Ser say the Blaugrana board reject this premise and believe that the reason for their side’s defeat in the Spanish capital was not related to officiating decisions.

Without explicitly stating so in the report, it appears that the board of the Catalan club believe that their side were second best during the match and the outcome of the game was not an unjust one.

The loss means that Koeman’s side have slipped to third in the standings, but the report adds that the club are still confident in their ambitions of securing a domestic double this season.

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  1. Sanele Khumalo Musani says:

    Yes I agree with the Board. We were the second best. We didn’t play well especially in the first half. We failed to open the ground and make speedy runs. Madrid did just that.

  2. Eric Sackor says:

    I’m glad the board used wisdom this time around.
    Korman the game was never influence.

  3. Aliyu says:

    Spain ref,are supporting Madrid, especially this ref.

    1. Shuaib says:

      The ref did a correct officiating. Real Madrid came out stronger. How can Barca played 3 5 2 formation? Immediately I saw the lineups, I gave the game to Real Madrid.

    2. Andrew Bassanta says:

      The freekick given by the ref where Kroos scored should not have been given. It was not a foul. If that was a foul then the penalty should have been given.

    3. Adamu Ali says:

      I don’t see any reason why you blame ref after all this he did he red carded casemiro blame your self bcoz of your pour game

      1. Learoy Hamm says:

        He gave Casamerio isn’t justifiable for not given Braithwaite & Dembele a dam penalty. Casamerio red card was given almost when the match came to a end. Definitely a foul was committed on Braithwaite virtue of Mendy hold attempt on his hand remember M:B didn’t fell on his stomach ref for R:M

  4. Peter says:

    The team is not hungry for glory? Though they missed chances ,the weather is equally not an excuse. Real madrid were the better determined for the night though there was white lie againt Barca. Better luck next time,that is if luck do play football. Barca for life even if they lost 50 to nil

    1. Ifeanyi says:

      They always give excuses whenever they loses.
      Hala madrid

    2. Ibrahimawa says:

      You should talk about salking dat caoch bring in someone dat will help our team by oflaoding player’s nd signing quality player we need Neymar back in our team nd great nmb 9 like halland in our milfied we need rique piuck not pedri his not smart nt fast very lazy bt please can’t you see wen ever dat boy is feature in match pls hw do you see him playing

  5. Sao kromah says:

    This gone El clasico was the game that Madrid need most let be board the game was fear no cheating was in it , don’t put crame on ref

  6. Sao kromah says:

    Real Madrid is the best playing team in the world don’t blame ref, the game was fear

    1. Jeremiah Siaway says:

      Barcelona is a very good team that many good players in the world wants to be part of, defeat in the ball game is a normal thing , nobody blame the team, have we not won Madrid before,all we need to do is try and get a point stacker with some ball cariel, FCB All the way

  7. Rokaf3lla says:

    Most of the Barca players were reluctant. They allowed the opponent to out played them. Me I don’t believe in Luck. Football is about hard work, commitment and dedication

  8. Eluo Franklin says:

    I have always disliked coaches who plays badly and blame one thing as a fault.
    You played badly and it took luck to score and you blamed VAR for your loss.
    Barcelona got their tactics wrong and for me Koeman isnt the messiah ..and until we find a manager to blend this team we will still be crying foul.

    1. alikor owhondah says:

      My brother I disagree with you completely koeman has tried for me I strongly believe that people like you never imagined in your widest dream that Barcelona despite all struggles this season will be contesting for the league title as at December they were 15 point behind Athletics now look at their positions so please cut the coach some slack you are all complaining of the formation 352 was it not the same formation he has been using for some games especially the back to back victory over sevilla in the league and in the cup semi final and you applauded him but then he was a good coach now because he lost against Madrid in a game where they should had a penalty the same kind of penalty that was awarded to Sergio Ramos in the first leg and it wasnt even reviewed and whether you believe it or not this barca team is full of inexperience players that still need some more years to develop as compared to that of real Madrid which full of players with so many wealth of experience just imagine Messi dropping back always to the deep midfield so he can help the team to create chances as opposed to a midfield combination of modric,kroos casemiro.

      1. Mustapha Azeez says:

        You are right. Barca up life

      2. Learoy Hamm says:

        Dude well said, it look like many so called Barca & anti Catalans fans total forget the very atrocious start Barca experience earlier in liga season. And still presently close up in la liga title race for this season prior finalist also via super cup beating by A:Bilboa ok. In addition, Barca again finalist versus same A:Bilboa this Saturday for top honors in final of Copa Del Rey. Now all Barca need to do apart from dam winning the CDREY trophy win all 8 remain liga matches because I almost sure both Madrid’s will drop points ok.

  9. Osman Attayeb says:

    The ref.doesnt send the ball in the net..
    I agree with the previous comment.the line up without Grieso in versatile..Grieso beside Messicould distract Real defence off Dembely .
    But koeman is scared by Real trio casmero,Modric,Kroos..

  10. Nbugere Basil B. says:

    Koeman need to be sack before he turn our team to something else and bring in xavi.

  11. Basil NB says:

    Koeman to be sack before he turn our team to something else and bring in xavi.

  12. Abdulkadir Muhammad says:

    How would koeman make 3 depends for a team like Madrid and blame ref for his loss or VAR this is a lesson

  13. Odunukwe Tony says:

    Barca played a fantastic game,though real Madrid utilized their chances especially in the first half better.The title challenge is far from over.

  14. Domnic Fernandes says:

    It’s time for players like Messi to find clubs that want to give it all. The players Barca have now will never live up to the standards of Xavi, Iniesta, David Villa and all the other stars. If Messi wants to win another champions league it will not be with the current barca. Koeman is washed up and has no clue on what line up is required game by game. The line up formation against Madrid was stupid and even before the game started it was lights out for Barca. As much as I love to watch Messi play this is no longer a club for him to shine. Good luck to Barca cause luck is all that is left.


    The current FCB team always play and forget the defence line… Fo crying out loud why is it that the coach can not monitor the defence… Talk to them until the game get into them.
    The same error during Roma, Liverpool.
    Why such counter attack.
    We have a very good team but we need to work on our FORMATION, and learn to monitor this players when it comes to attacking us.


    We need a very good assistant coach that can stand and talk to this players during matches.
    It is you standing and watching that knows when this error occure and can easily correct it.

  17. Sylvanus says:

    To me, playing with 352 formation instead of 433 was where we got it all wrong but the will significantly come next season.

  18. Dismas says:

    Should I say every game ref favour Madrid?

    1. Austin says:

      Ya, say it louder!

  19. Hibee says:

    The major problem with Koeman’s team is not his tactics but his fielding of Pedri over Puig. Richard possess everything Barca needed in that midfield but Koeman would not field him because of his hatred for the guy and that is killing our game. Puig always make the difference whenever he is called up…

  20. Abdullahi Kasim says:

    Given an excuse by barca manager is nonses, becouse barca has problems most especialy from the players themselfs, like, pedri Bosquet and Alba they are just playing for Messi not barca anytime we as a fan we are expecting victory it was that time those name above will start playing rubish giving pass to no one else but Messi and that Koeman who call himself a coach need to leave barca ending of this season.

    1. Khulubuse says:

      I really like the fact that some of the fans do realise that barcelona players they play for Messi coz they always pass to even if his crowded when he received the ball he does 1or 2 touches its gone from him nd he will be walking after. If u can recall on the madrid game he was filling called yet he is playing, question is how could u fill cold when u are running letf right and forth. This guy is nolonger playing for barca he has won everything with team. He must be allowed to find some kind of experience else where.

  21. F.Kelvin says:

    The board can’t afford to be biased towards Koeman because they really want to assess him and see if he can take Barcelona forward. Larpota deals with results and does not hesitate to sack the coach if results are not satisfying unlike Barto

  22. Steve says:

    Korean is an average coach not reading the game, late to make substitutions , this team don’t know how to defend free kicks and corner kicks. This season we have a large lot with good players and this couch cannot manage to rotate wisely, which is the main duty for a coach for a big club with a large lot. That is a difference between big club couch and a mid table coach who is limited to quality players. Hope the board will sack him before the end of season.

  23. John says:

    Koeman was just the reason why barca lost that game to madrid. A Barca team with this young squard should have been the best team in laliga if they have a good coach. Koeman is too poor. The wings were too bad during the first half and madrid capitalized on that

  24. N.Nathaniel Nyanforh says:

    I think the ref have not been honest, most likely that ref however we play our good we need number 9

    1. Teesahm says:

      de first mistake barca did is for selling de old experience player in the club just look at the madrid dey use dat midfield of them to surpass Barcelona pedri is good player buh he is not experience and lazy in attacking attacking too barca can’t attack again very well no good midfield to create finishing pass..barca is now a mess no good defense no good midfield even attacking too wht barca nid nw is a good experience player

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