The man who might challenge Florentino Perez for the Real Madrid presidency

This week, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez called for presidential elections to be held at the club this year.

Perez is looking to win the election for a fifth term in the post and it could be the third time in a row that he is running for the position uncontested.

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That is because of a rule change – implemented under Perez’s regime and voted through in 2012 – to make challengers to the position have to meet several thresholds, including 20 years of club membership and presenting 15 percent of the club’s budget – currently a figure equating to €92.5m.

Perez, now aged 74, has now called elections for this year in an event which is likely to be prominent in Real Madrid news over the coming months.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez

However, Vicente Boluda could challenge Perez in the position as he hinted in an interview with Marca this week.

Boluda is a Spanish businessman and lawyer who was president of the Spanish capital club from January to May in 2009, before Perez began his sustained second stint.

Boluda claimed: “You always dreams of being the president of Madrid but I have not yet decided if I will present myself. The truth is that I do not think it is time to even make an election. The economic situation of the club is an urgent issue.

“I would like someone to explain to me why to stand for the presidency you have to have as many years of membership as you do. In the end, everyone should have the same options. The more people always stand in an election, the better.

“Transfers? I don’t think this is the time to force expenses when the economic situation is dramatic.”

Perez has been at the helm of Madrid since 2000 aside from the 2006-09 period which had Ramon Calderon as supremo while Boluda was temporarily at the helm in that moment.

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