Real Madrid set to sue doping doctor over allegations of club link

Real Madrid are considering suing the doctor Eufemiano Fuentes after he hinted that he had a relationship with the medical staff at the club.

Fuentes has been implicated in doping scandals and who has just given an in-depth interview to Jordi Evole which was broadcast on Sunday evening.

The doctor was asked about his relationship with multiple Spanish football clubs such as Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and Real Sociedad.

Eufemiano Fuentes

When asked what his relationship was like with Valencia, Fuentes immediately responded “no” with a firm and swift response.

He was then directly asked about what relationship he had with Madrid, Fuentes paused, lowered his head and then put his forehead in his hands.

Fuentes then slowly responded: “I am not going to answer that question.”

Evole then asked: “With who could we talk to at Real Madrid to find out if you worked with their doctors?”

Fuentes then fidgeted in his seat and grabbed a bottle of water, before responding: “May I? While I drink, I’ll think.”

The conversation then continued without any clarification from Fuentes, but the insinuation was that he had a link with the doctors at Los Blancos.

Now, the Spanish champions are reportedly considering suing the doctor over the hint.

This is a developing story worth following over the coming months.

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