Referee revealed as Barcelona supporter after Real Madrid fury over decisions

The fallout from Sunday’s Madrid derby has continued with Real Madrid’s fury with match referee Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez.

Hernandez Hernandez’s decision not to award the visitors a penalty at 1-0 in the first half for a handball from Atleti defender Felipe Monteiro – despite being advised to look at his monitor – adds to the list of controversies in Real Madrid news.

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Indeed, Atletico Madrid were prompted to respond to the mass reports of an officiating error by claiming that Los Blancos were too used to getting decisions in their favour.

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Now El Mundo Deportivo, have highlighted how an interview with the official – from when he was aged just 11 – has emerged of him claiming to be a fan of Barcelona.

In this interview, published by La Voz de Lanzarote on 11 June, 1994, Hernandez Hernandez did not hesitate to answer the question ‘Do you have a favorite team?’: “Yes, of course, Barcelona!” And then, when asked about his favourite players, he did not hesitate: “I like Romario and Laudrup.”

The official is from the Canary Islands.

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  1. Now that it has been discovered that Mr Hernandez Hernandez is a Barcelona FC supporter,will he still be left to continue with his bias refereeing of Real Madrid FC matches? Will the Spanish La liga not be open to ridicule for bad officiating?

    1. Moses, Im really sad of your point of view, did Hernandez was a referi when he was 11 yrs old ? Pease comeback to Reality.

      1. a kid never lies and once your a kid and love a team, there’s no way you’re changing that team. When you love Barca, you hate Madrid and vice-versa

      2. Mr Ewaekpoh Moses, Mr Edwin Alvarado told you to come back to reality. Did you or not ? Every Referee has a favourite team but they are impartial in the game.

    2. LOL, that’s hilarious given Barca’s horrible record when he officiates theirs games!!!! He’s no fan of Barca, ask Barca fans who worry when he or Lahoz or Gil Manzano officiate their games

  2. Los blancos fans in the spanish capital is left for you to come out and protest agains appointing this selfish ref.for a crucial derby like this.Hala madrid

    1. Remember the time when cuadrado received a red card? For touching ramos?
      The ucl final? You remember that right?

  3. If he were a true Barca supporter, he would have awarded that penalty to Real. A real win (or draw at that stage) benefited Barca more.

  4. where were you guys last season when madrid were always on the advantaged side? So you guys are complaining now? Enjoy yourself.

  5. Sorry to say this. There are many Madrid fans that are completely ignorant of the situation and bark like a dig without a reason. Please take a minute and analyze the derby situation. ATM lose or tie would benefit Barca. So why would this so called bias ref not award RM a penalty if that would benefit Barca? Get a life idiots

  6. We should trust the professionalism of the referee. After all, he made claims that he is a Barca fan when he was just 11 years old.

    Some teams are just too used to getting things in their wind. Wake up too, if you are their fans. Ridiculous

    1. That is not the case man.Check his track record with Madrid.This is not the first time.Didn’t u see Bales’s goal against Barcelona,A stamp on Verane’s leg in Barcelona, just a few.There is something against Madrid that’s why Perez is campaigning for Europe Super League.Go check all the three penalties awarded to Valencia this Season when they played Madrid.Madrid have conceded the most penalties in La Liga. Be objective man.

  7. The defender was attacking the ball when it grazed his hand and considerably changed direction where it could’ve met a Madrid player. It should’ve been a penalty. Barca fans would never wish for blanco’s success in anyways

  8. All yoj guys get over it havent you have too Many champions League, liga tittles over the years by being favored by reeferees.
    Enough those times are gone .
    Now encourrage your players to sweat their shirts if they want a championship

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