Neymar hits out at the Paris Saint-Germain fans

Former Barcelona man Neymar has always had an up-and-down relationship with the Paris Saint-Germain fans. His progress in Paris has been stalled by repeated injuries and off-pitch drama, eroding the love many PSG fans felt toward the Brazilian superstar, especially when he tried to return to Barcelona.

Now, according to a report in Diario Sport, there’s been another chapter in their story. When the proposed move back to La Liga fell through Neymar went through weeks of whistles and insults from the PSG fans. Now, in the midst of recovery from a recent injury that has kept him out of their Champions League last 16 tie with the aforementioned Catalans, he’s posted a riposte to PSG fans that questioned his commitment to the cause as well as football fans in general that deride him as unprofessional.

“A few days ago I published my daily training, my routine from when I started until I finished, and I didn’t see a single message saying ‘what a professional, he’s taking care of himself’. Not one,” Neymar posted on social media.

The Brazilian hasn’t had a whole lot of luck in the Champions League since he traded Spain for France in 2017. PSG have played ten knockout games in that time, of which Neymar has played six. That’s a 60% participation rate in the club’s most important games, compared with a 100% record at Barcelona.

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  1. Fans are going to complain, that’s just the nature of the beast. You’re being paid £700,000 a week, stop moaning and just play.

  2. Hi Neymar. you are a professional footballer which like every order profession has it’s hazard.
    you don’t need to be praised for doing your job.
    Whether you play or not,your weekly salary is still paid. Therefore,man up and stop complaining.

    1. Neymar you need to play and to play well. Not moan. You are highly paid and the fans are right to demand the best of yourself.

  3. Hi Ney, l have always been praying for your success. God is still in control
    I wish you a speedy recovery

  4. I don’t know who your advisors are but you need someone like me on your team because you may no take over from Ronaldo & Messi of you continue the way you are going.
    All the best Bro.

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