The keys behind Barcelona’s Paris Saint-Germain debacle

Barcelona‘s 4-1 beating at the hands of Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League has underlined that, six months after losing 8-2 to Bayern Munich, the Catalans are still a step or two below the elite of the elite. An internal analysis has revealed that Barcelona are short physically, technically, strategically and psychologically.

Ronald Koeman

The breakdown of the defeat can be split into eight parts according to Mundo Deportivo. First is the physical distance obvious between Barcelona and a key rival in Europe, in terms of fitness, speed and strength. Second is Ousmane Dembele’s failure to convert the chance he was given with the score at 1-0, a moment that could have doubled Barcelona’s advantage and really put them in the driving seat.

Third was PSG’s ability to draw level quickly, and Barcelona’s inability to recover from such a psychological blow. Fourth, Barcelona failed to decide on a coherent strategy. They neither pressed high to put PSG under pressure nor sat deep and closed off space. They fell between two stools.

Antoine Griezmann

Fifth was the loss of Ronald Araujo, while sixth was the absence of Eric Garcia. Both are top-level centre backs, without whom it was always going to be difficult to face up to players of the calibre of Kylian Mbappe. Seventh was a lack of performance from Antoine Griezmann and Dembele, who didn’t contribute in the final third, while eighth was an inability to defend set pieces.

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  1. Justin says:

    I could not take the article seriously the moment the blame was shifted to lack of CB. You went further to talk about Eric Garcia. Eric Garcia is not a regular for City. He is the fourth choice and not even top 20 defender.

  2. chandra shrestha says:

    I agree with this statement.
    1st barca should sell Dembele.
    2nd sell Grizmen
    3rd, sell busket.
    4th sell coutino
    5th sell Pianej
    then buy Halaand to replace dembele
    set Fathi instead of girzmen.
    set djong for coutino
    set pedri instead of pijanj

    then change the coach too, bring xavi asap.

    then see barca will be best in the world with messi.

  3. Mustapha mohammed says:

    These are not the only problems Barca are facing. They also need to do what AC Milan did before they can get better bcos they don’t have quality players even Messi has started getting old. And they now don’t have B team as before where they use to produce young and talented boys

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