The European Super League could pay for the Nuevo Bernabeu in one go

As reported by The Times and carried in Diario AS, a recently uncovered 18-page dossier in relation to the European Super League has underlined the true nature of the project.

Between the €350m per head that the 15 founding clubs of the Super League can insure themselves for and the €3.5b that will be distributed among them, Real Madrid could secure an immediate income of €583m, repaying in one go the €570m loaned by the bank for the construction of the Nuevo Bernabeu.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez

The Super League project is an attempt to close the highest level of European football to the most powerful clubs. Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the Spanish clubs in the project, against which FIFA and UEFA are up in arms.

The document assures that each club would be given €350m for participating in the league, with three from Spain joined by three from Italy, two from Germany, six from England and one from France. In addition to these 15 fixed clubs, there would be another five able to participate from sporting merit.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

The document also reveals that JP Morgan Chase, who financed the loan for the renovation of the Bernabeu, is willing to distribute €3.5b to promote the Super League project among the 15 clubs, coming out at €233m each.

The initial idea for the Super League would be to play it during the week and continue participating in each country’s domestic leagues, with the competition broken down into two large groups of ten teams each. Each would play each other home and away before advancing to the quarter-finals, which would be two-legged like the semi-finals. The final would be standalone.

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