Real Madrid accounts reveal club in concerning €901m debt

The past several days has been dominated by alarming Barcelona news of the club’s precarious financial position and rising club debt.

Now we also know the financial figures at Real Madrid which show a concerning rise in the club’s debts, although not to the same extent as the Blaugrana.

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As outlined by Diario Sport, the gross total debt figure at Madrid now stands at a whopping €901m with the net debt at a figure of €355m.

Compared to the Catalan club, this is less than their total gross debt of €1.173billion and net debt figure of €488m, although the figures are still cause of concern to the current Spanish champions.

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Perhaps significantly, the most worrying aspect of Barcelona’s debt is that which is short-term and must paid this year – which stands at €730m in comparison to just €203m in the capital.

The financial ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic alongside Madrid’s stadium renovation this year are among the reasons for such high numbers.

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