Barcelona’s financial struggles: €820m of gross debt, €1.4billion of liabilities

Whilst Barcelona news on the pitch has been more encouraging in recent weeks with a run of victories, the off-field situation continues to be of growing concern.

Financial analysis from @SwissRamble illustrates the mounting problems that the Blaugrana have financially with spiraling levels of debt and liabilities owed.

It is outlined how the gross debt at the club has risen by a whopping 48 percent in the financial year and now stands at €820m.

The club’s total amount of money owed – including to players, tax authorities, suppliers and the bank – stands at a significant €1.4 billion.

This follows on directly from a report in La Vanguardia last week which outlined how the Catalan giants must repay €420m in debt this year or face insolvency.

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Whilst the club’s first-team squad has been slimmed down this year, with a reported €80m off the wage bill, there is still a worrying financial outlook for the club.

Interim club president Carlos Tusquets gave a wide-ranging interview to Catalan radio station RAC1, with quotes carried in full by Marca, claiming that the club were unable to pay players for their pre-agreed January salary.

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