Same referee, different result for Barcelona and Madrid

Last night’s penalty decision, when Frenkie de Jong was penalised for handling the ball in the box, is an example of the different rules applied to Barcelona and Real Madrid according to a report in Mundo Deportivo.

Frenkie de Jong

Andalusian referee Jose Luis Munuera Montero didn’t hesitate to blow his whistle and point to the spot, enabling Mikel Oyarzabal to score Real Sociedad‘s equaliser. The same referee, however, let Sergio Ramos off when he did something similar against Eibar.

He left Ramos off, even though his arm was clearly apart from his body. He was so convinced, in fact, that he didn’t even feel the need to go to VAR. That was a pivotal moment – it could have provided Eibar’s equaliser, bringing the game to 2-2, only for the fixture to end 3-1 to Madrid.

Sergio Ramos

For the Catalan press, this is simply another example of Madrid getting favourable treatment from La Liga and the Spanish football authorities.

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  1. Mr. Jack. says:

    this has been happening for a while,with Barcelona and Real Madrid.We as fans of football try our best not to look at it that way,but sometimes it’s to glaring and no matter how much Real Madrid fans try to deny it another referee is going to do it again.What can we say?We love the game and these two teams in particular are our favorites so we will continue to support and enjoy the rest of the footballing season.

  2. Ailos Mathuthu says:

    Barcelona scored two goals which under normal circumstances wouldn’the have counted.That was clear favouritism. Particularly the 2nd goal – it was scored after a clear hand ball around the the centre circle but play was allowed to continue because it was Barcelona. Very unfair

  3. Footballer1 says:

    more salty tears from a corrupt catalan team whos presidents were sent to jail. favor? madrid played 13 out of 20 games against barca with 10 men. barca have more penalties this season. real have the most penalties against this season. real madrid didnt lose to barca last season nor this one. they did it in open play no VAR. salty barca child crocodile tears grown man reporting like this? your club is in shambles focus on ur own shortcomings. bayern beat u with 8 goals. the ref favored madrid i guess dumb logig

    1. Timothy Washburn says:


  4. Daniel Dupont says:

    Tha fascist in Madrid still control Spain even after the death of Franco.
    As everyone know Franco hate the Catalonians

  5. Lesiba Mahlangu says:

    When Marcelo raised his arm to deliberately hit Messi in a 3-2 win for Barcelona 3 years back is a typical example of how authorities and referees give preferential treatment to Real Madrid, look at this seasons fixtures, Madrid starts first , Barcelona follows except one fixtures for last week where Barcelona started earlier then Madrid followed, but with Barca they were separated by a day

    As for Ramos he escaped clear red cards on a number of times particularly when they play Barca, he kicks them as he pleases
    Referees like Martinez Martinez, Lahoz, Hernandez Hernandez.

  6. Risav says:

    The fact is which happens more …clearly madrid is favoured more than barca …i mean u can find 4 or 5 examples hardly over the past 1 yr where a ref favoured barca …bt u can find more than 10 such for real …yes only if u r not biased

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