Lionel Messi shows his other face during extra-time

Lionel Messi showed his other face during extra-time last night as Barcelona in the semi-final of the Supercopa de Espana according to Diario Sport, with the Argentine encouraging his team-mates given he was unable to play due to injury.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Messi went down to the pitch once the game was over to celebrate with his team-mates and gave tactical instructions to several players. He and Ronald Koeman, in fact, were quite clearly coaching the players through extra-time.

Once it finished and the tie went to penalties, Messi was also one the grass with everyone except the eleven still on the pitch, supporting his team-mates as they took their spot-kicks.

Antoine Griezmann

Messi has been criticised heavily throughout his career for his quiet personality and apparent lack of ability to take control of shaky situations and offer leadership and inspiration to his less-experienced colleagues. His activity yesterday disproved that, underlining his ability to lead.

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  1. Osman Chada keys says:

    Messi is a different human in the world of football

    1. Ernest Masaiti says:


      1. Lazola Mgojo says:

        Messi is the best but I think if he consider going to Manchester city he’s gonna make history there

        1. jakepr says:

          He’d be 34 by that time. He’s the best in the world but the PL is a different kettle of fish. Hard work at that age.

          1. Del Gwin says:

            Same thing they said to Pep, you can’t do nothing in PL cause its not Spain nor Germany, but he won the PL back-to-back after his first season. If you good, you good. Please how is Hazard faring in Spain?

        2. JEHANGIR MIRZA says:

          Very true

        3. Brian Enric Cardo says:

          With respect, English football, with it’s physical aspects, will be too much for Lionel. He should stay at Barca or move back to his Rosario club. He does not deserve to end his career with a broken body, in England.

      2. Jude says:

        He’s good player

        1. Lucian Floca says:

          The best of the best

          1. PR Chapm says:

            Messi ll remain there for many years. Everythone throwing bubble so pls stop it. Messi not going anywhere

    2. Prajapati Priyanshu says:


  2. Idowu Oloyede says:

    Good of him. He should not think of leaving Barca.He should leave at a stage he has excellent successors and a good team behind. He should have a glamorous outing .

  3. Joseph says:

    I also think he needs not move especially that he committed himself to barca long ago as long barca are able to meet his demands which I am sure are reasonable. Barca should not waste his remaining years. They have the best footballer but he as good as everyone if surrounded by an average team. If his team can’t convert, can’t create, can’t defend then he is done for. He is simply the icing on the cake. The team is the cake.

  4. Derrick says:

    he has proved to the whole world that he’s the best good of him.

  5. Rajdeep Jha says:


  6. Stupid Barkadogs says:

    Ronaldo still the goat

    1. Atharva says:

      Not at all remember the barca vs real Madrid o match At Santiago????????

    2. Sarvesh Puthran says:

      both are

    3. ForzaJuve says:

      Roanldo still the pussy

    4. Henry says:

      Messi is unstoppable

  7. Sarvesh Puthran says:

    both are

  8. Roar Fløtre says:

    Ronaldo is the Goat in a world where Messi does not exist. Unfortunately for Ronaldo Messi does exist.

    1. Vincent says:

      Ronaldo is the best. He has played at four different clubs and has left history and achievement in each clubs.
      Has the so called messi left the catalonia sides since childhood. He should go to another and see if he can do better than the world best ever lived legend of football! Ronaldo

  9. Mr watch says:

    Plz don’t compare Messi with anyone in the work or on this planet.

  10. Daduts says:

    Talk about arrogance:
    Ronaldo: I am the best , God sent me to dominate this sport…

    Messi’s Comment: I dont remember sending him…

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