Joan Laporta reveals his plan to reverse Barcelona’s economic malaise

Joan Laporta presented his project to reverse Barcelona‘s economic malaise on Wednesday morning, with the details carried in a report by Diario Sport.

Laporta opened his presentation by asserting his knowledge of the gravity of the situation the club are in, and that his team estimated that Barcelona will end this season with €650m in revenue, 15% less than what was forecast by the previous board.


He underlined the importance of Barcelona retaining full control of the club and thinking long-term rather than looking for short-term easy fixes like the selling off of assets.

Jaume Giro, a key component of Laporta’s team, was keen to stress that the recruitment model developed by Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have proven to be more effective than theirs in recent years, and that the club need to change tack in that sense.

Joan Laporta

Giro claimed that there was three ways to potentially reduce Barcelona’s exorbitant debt – contain operational management debts until 2023 to keep it below €270m, restructure the manner in which they plan recruitment and propose two bonds aimed at supporters and investors.

Alex Barbany, another Laporta team member, spoke about ways to generate income, underlining the strength of Barcelona as a brand and a new method of pursuing sponsorship deals, revamping the club’s digital channels and looking closer at the world of e-sports.

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  1. Joan Laporta is Barcelona new president no doubt about it. During his tenure as president in 2003 to 2010 the club enjoyed great success. With his project, l believe he will be victorious come 24 January.

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