Third and fourth candidates drop out of Barcelona presidential election race

Barcelona news is being dominated by this month’s presidential election race and two more candidates has dropped out of the race on Monday, narrowing the race to five individuals.

It is reported by Catalan radio station RAC1 that Jordi Farre has become the third hopeful to drop out of the process after not having garnered the sufficient minimum number of members signatures – 2,257.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Samuel Marsden reports that Fernandez Ala is also short in the race, meaning he will not be included in the final ballot.

Agusti Benedito and Pere Riera are also no longer in the running having been eliminated from the running earlier on Monday, with only five candidates remaining in the frame.

The electoral campaign will last one week and only members of legal voting age will be able to cast a vote, while they will need to have held membership for at least one year and also never have been suspended from the club.

Carlos Tusquets is the current interim president of Barcelona following the resignation of former club supremo Josep Maria Bartomeu, with elections behind held on 24 January 2021.

The elections are continuing to dominate Barcelona news with Victor Font an early frontrunner alongside his rival Joan Laporta.

To be considered a presidential candidate, all hopefuls need the signature approval of at least 2,257 members and to present a guaranteed payment of at least €124.2m to be considered for the vacant position of president.

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