Another twist in the tale of Sergio Ramos’ contract negotiations with Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos‘ contract negotiations with Real Madrid are becoming a full-blown soap opera according to Mundo Deportivo.

A new chapter has opened according to Cope’s Manolo Lama, who’s said that Ramos has sent him a message denying everything that’s been said about his renewal.

Real Madrid news has been dominated by the Andalusian in recent times, especially in the last few days, with talk of a secret summit in Ramos’ hotel room with Florentino Perez widely spread.

According to this new information, however, Ramos is still waiting for Madrid to make him a formal renewal offer and his intention is to continue playing with Los Blancos.

Cope’s report has even suggested that he’d be willing to postpone his salary so that he doesn’t receive it until two or three years down the line, in keeping with a model pioneered by several Barcelona players recently.

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos

The report also claimed that Ramos hasn’t received an offer from Paris Saint-Germain and doesn’t intend to negotiate with any other club as his desire is to retire at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Ramos apparently acknowledged that he did speak with Perez before the Elche game last Saturday, but that it was about squad salary reductions rather than his own renewal.

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