Quartet of players demanding overdue payment from Barcelona

The AFE (Spanish players union) have informed Barcelona that there are outstanding payments due to four players.

As outlined by Marca, there are four players who represented the club’s B team last season who believe they are due payments of €10k.

Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium

The dispute is based on the fact the four players contracts had the bonus incentive for helping the team to reach the promotion playoffs in the Segunda B, which was achieved – but no payment has yet been received, with Barcelona news recently focused on the club’s financial issues.

The club argue that the payments are not due as the quartets contracts all expired on 30 June – before the achievement was reached by the team.

However, the four players – Kike Saverio, Chumi, Sergi Puig and Guillem Jaime – argue that their contracts stipulated the payment would be due because they participated in matches in the season that the club reached the playoffs.

The players departed the club before the playoffs took place due to the Covid-19 pandemic bringing Spanish football to a suspension in March 2020.