Lionel Messi on course to break more records at Barcelona

Lionel Messi seems to be making history with every passing game at the moment, and he’s going to continue tonight at El Alcoraz.

Messi is set to make his 750th appearance for Barcelona against Huesca, his 500th in La Liga as per Diario Sport.

Lionel Messi and Carles Puyol at Barcelona

Once he hits that, next in his sights will be Xavi‘s record of 767 games, 505 of which were in La Liga, between 1998 and 2015.

Messi, who Ronald Koeman has called happy and prepared, needs to play just 18 more games to become the player to have played the most games in the club’s history.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi

He’s been their leading goalscorer, with 644, for a long time, a record that’s unlikely to ever be surpassed.

The Argentina already holds the record for the most La Liga wins (368) and goals (451) for a Barcelona player, as well as the most titles (10).

He made his debut on October 16, 2004, coming on for Portuguese midfielder Deco in a city derby with Espanyol at just 17 years old.

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  1. Anass ldriss says:

    Let messi leave Barcelona
    We need him to play in other club
    Like Ronaldo from man united to real Madrid and now in juventus
    While messi played only in bacelona

    1. Peter Muzeya says:

      May Our hero Messi be at Barcelona until his well deserved retirement. You are an inspiration to football society. Messi is a well focused person who should not be subjected to comparison with others because he is who he is not of who others are. King Messi Sir I pray that you stay at Barcelona that is my humble request Sir.
      Peter Muzeya from Zambia

      1. Emmanuel Nubuor says:


    2. Ibrahim SOH says:

      Messi is not a tenant, but a house owner

    3. Rahim Ndiba says:

      What can Cristiano do on football that Messi can’t? Best student at Oxford university should go to Havard university to prove themselve. Stupid analogy!

      1. Sandziso says:

        He can’t make countless assists and he blames his teammates for stealing his goals ,yet he should consider that as an assist..😂😂😂😂 No inspiration for his teammates

    4. Kayode joseph says:

      what is ur problem with dat is he only him will play in one club in football history,ronaldo left to juventus because of money,dat is ronaldo choice,everyone can make a choice,ur choice is different from my,so leave messi alone let him decide,u are not God who create him

    5. usman idris says:

      hopefully mr messi will retire at Barcelona that will surely be better for both parties.

    6. Dee says:

      Just shush

    7. Abdul-Mu'izz says:

      It’s not Messi fault for being the god of football that he is capable to start young at a great club. Ronaldo had to move because doesn’t have nearly as much talent so he had to work he’s way up and with age they sold him to another club. Like many say ronaldo should be lucky to be compared with Messi.

      1. Yvonne Diop says:

        I respect whatever decision you’ll make, nevertheless i will be watching you! Happy kick off to all of you!

    8. Rajan says:

      So what??
      Why do you want him to play in other clubs??

    9. Gillis says:

      If he gets what he wants in Barcelona, why move to another club and regret later. The same people who are saying Messi should try his skill in another club will be the first to laugh at him if things didn’t go well in a new club.
      He plays with different players each year who move to Barcelona from other clubs, and against different clubs during championship league where he still proves his skill.
      Those who do not like him should just say so. It is their opinion. Just stop this meaningless campaign of Messi changing club.
      He is of age, and can decide for himself. If he needs an opinion or advice, he knows where to go but definitely not from people who do not have his best interest at heart.
      That me take on this matter. Cheers.

    10. fulbomichi says:

      At that level it doesn’t really matter in what top club he played or didn’t. They way he keeps excelling in one of the top 2 leagues in the world aswell as on the european stage is enough to know he needs to prove nothing, hence there is no reason really to change club or league. He is undeniably extraordinary and arguably one of the very best ever. Switching teams wouldn’t really influence that fact in any way.

  2. Owolabi ojelabi says:

    Leo is the goat,hope he retires as a barca KING

  3. AJALA ABRAHAM says:


  4. Cosmas says:

    Pele played at Santos all his fruitful years, and is arguably the best player the world has ever produced. Diego once played for a small team in Europe and made it famous. Man U, Madrid, and Juventus were already legendary teams before Ronaldo joined them and dominate their leagues so stage already set for success. He should join a small team and push it to greatness to prove he is a star. Maybe, you are right, Messi should join Bayern Munich, and then Man City /Liverpool to even the score. Or just imagine if Ronaldo had stayed at Man U till now, what would his story have been like?

    Let’s just enjoy Messi’s phenomenal talent without putting pressure on him. For such a small man to dominate soccer for almost two decades, produce such stats is something out of this world! Yes, Ronaldo is good, but not as gifted as Messi!

  5. Leandro Paquete says:

    Estoy en total acuerdo que messi se retire ya del Barça, porq creo q ya dió toda su vid a este clube. Mientras hay tiempo que vaya p Man. City, en la Liga Inglesa, creo q lee dará un otro enchufe, estará respirando otros aires y se sentirá más estraterrestre de lo q ya es.

  6. khaulane Edmund Nkanyane says:

    Messi does not have to prove he can play another team he is the best and he will remain the best wherever he is playing messi is messi he not ronaldo

  7. Felix O. Okao says:

    Messi is extra ordinary in the game of football and no comparison. It’s not a matter of flirting around that makes you a good wife but ability to stay and nuture your married in good and bad conditions. Messi not messing around clubs shows that he is descipline and mature in mind. In game of football it’s Messi and others follows.

    1. fulbomichi says:

      Well said.

  8. Travis messi jr says:

    I love MESSI becuase he is the king of football

  9. Travis says:

    Ronaldo has never and will never chalange MESSI

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