Could Neymar return to Barcelona and rejoin Lionel Messi?

Barcelona news both this week and throughout 2020 has been dominated by Lionel Messi and what the future holds for him.

The Argentine’s interview with La Sexta this past week has reopened a can of worms that, in truth, were never closed, with his ambivalence about his long-term future clear to see.

Neymar and Lionel Messi

His short-term future, at least, looks secure. Messi is committed to Barcelona for the rest of the season and appears intent on winning whatever he can with the Blaugrana. Then, come season’s end, he’ll evaluate his position and decide what to do.

One of the most interesting points to emerge from the interview, as highlighted by Diario Sport and Jota Jordi in El Chiringuito, is just how evident Messi’s desire to play with Neymar again is.

The pair, along with Atletico Madrid‘s Luis Suarez, formed an attacking trio the likes of which Europe has rarely seen, leading Barcelona to, amongst other titles, the 2015 Champions League.

Lionel Messi and Neymar Junior

Neymar’s recent comments, about wanting to play with the Argentine again, poured fuel on the fire of talk of Messi joining the Brazilian at Paris Saint-Germain, but another option exists.

Given Neymar’s contract with PSG is set to expire in 2022, it’s not unthinkable that the forward could return to Catalonia without the club, in a perilous financial situation, splurging on a transfer fee.

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