Lionel Messi opens up on financial situation and issues with the Treasury

Barcelona news has been dominated by Lionel Messi this year.

His publicly-voiced desire to leave during the summer caused quite the stir and the lack of clarity around his short-term future has hung over Camp Nou like a dark cloud.

Lionel Messi

Of key importance in Messi’s unhappiness is Barcelona’s failure to build a team capable of achieving what he considers to be the ultimate prize – the Champions League.

Now, in an interview the Argentine gave to Jordi Evole with comments carried by Diario Sport, he’s revealed his thoughts around the entire situation and his ambitions for the future.

At one point, Evole asked Messi whether he knew exactly how much money he had. “Yes, I know what I have,” he replied. “I know what I do and what I do not do. I’m aware of everything.”

Lionel Messi

Messi also spoke about his issues with the Treasury. “I don’t know if they are investigating me further or not,” he said. “I had a problem with the Treasury in which I was advised by lawyers and it ended up getting solved.

“[Even after] all that happened I didn’t complain, but I will complain about the treatment I received. I think it was excessive, especially from the Madrid press, although even in Barcelona there was also some who attacked and hurt me.”

The 33 year old also spoke about his origins in Rosario, denying the narrative that his family was poor but admitting nor were they rich. “My family was not poor but it was a lower middle class family,” he said. “I never lacked anything. We lived well, but not with great luxuries.”

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