Joan Laporta: “We will use all our arts to keep Leo”

Speaking in the aftermath of his well-received publicity stunt of placing a huge banner featuring his likeness 200 meters from the Santiago Bernabeu, Joan Laporta continued to detail his project should he be successful in becoming Barcelona president.

Like all the other candidates for the race scheduled scheduled to culminate on January 24th, one of the first items on the list was the uncertain future of a certain Argentine named Lionel Messi.

“We will use all our arts to keep Leo,” Laporta said in comments carried by Diario Sport.

“I am convinced that Messi is looking forward to the new Barcelona president making him a proposal.

“He knows that if I promise him a competitive team I will deliver. I have earned his credibility. He himself has told me that I have always delivered. But I’m not yet in a position to make such a proposal.

“Like Pele, Leo has the opportunity to spend his entire career in one team. This would be very nice. We have to position ourselves as an attractive proposal in every way because there are other clubs in a better financial position.

“Barcelona are in a very delicate situation. We are focused on reversing the situation. I have renewed desire to do it again and do it even better this time. I feel called upon in moments of maximum difficulty, like back in 2003.”

Laporta previously served as club president between 2003 and 2010, overseeing the construction of one of the greatest club teams in football history alongside Pep Guardiola.

Laporta and his team have positioned themselves as a group of Barcelonistes who understand the feeling of the club better than most and will endeavour to return the club to its fundamental values of prioritising social and human values as well as economic and sporting ambitions.

They also intend on placing renewed emphasis on La Masia and Barcelona’s responsibility of projecting Catalonia to the world as well as increasing economic responsibility and sporting ambition according to his campaign website.

Featured image courtesy of FC Barcelona Noticias.

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