Ronald Koeman accuses Riqui Puig of leaking information

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman has accused Riqui Puig of leaking information in front of the entire squad according to El Pais.

Koeman told Puig before the season began to look for a new team because he wasn’t going to get the minutes he desired at Barcelona, not even including him in the matchday squad to face Elche in the Joan Gamper.

Their conversation was soon made public, much to the Dutch coach’s discontent. “You’re a leak,” he is said to have told Puig in front of the entire dressing room.

Koeman is said to be intent on eliminating harmful behaviours that he believes to have infiltrated the Camp Nou dressing room.

It’s a dynamic that apparently began to change under Ernesto Valverde when he made allowances to get the best out of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Part of the solution for Koeman was getting rid of some of the older players in the squad, like Suarez, Ivan Rakitic and Arturo Vidal, to change the culture.

Now, Barcelona appear to be much more direct in their criticisms, perhaps best exemplified by Antoine Griezmann‘s clear criticisms following their defeat to Juventus last week.

Similarly, Koeman is much more direct when speaking to the press about the performance of his players. Recently, he laid the blame for Barcelona’s poor form at the door of individual errors rather than an inefficient system.

The result is a formation that doesn’t seem to be working and a squad that doesn’t appear to be united, or “a pineapple” as they say in Spain. Resolving these issues will be Koeman’s great challenge.

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  1. Edward Phiri says:

    Koèmanis failing

  2. saviour says:

    The coach that spoil the term need to sack please he doesn’t have the spirit of coach that boy is so good Puig

  3. Segun says:

    Let koemam go is not good for barcelona

  4. Abdul Bobson Kimeh says:

    Koeman should trust the young star. Riqui Puig is very young and talented.

  5. Ruy Neumann says:

    Nós torcedores do Barcelona , do outro do mundo, queremos que Koeman saia. E percebemos que grande parte do time também.A separação inicial
    de Suarez foi infame.Koeman.é arrogante , prepotente .,,,Será responsavel pela pior fase do Barcelona .,Uma questã tempo.

  6. Mohammed Kassim says:

    I don’t believe this…Koeman just wants to get rid of Riqui thats it, also with his quality Riqui deserves a lot of playtime. Koeman is failing.

  7. Mohammed Kassim says:

    I dont’t believe these things. Koeman just wants to get rid of Riqui and also with his quality Riqui deserves a lot of playtime.

  8. Okun says:

    Koeman is a failure. He should take responsibility and stop blaming his failures on individual players. He should be sacked.

  9. Julius Bicanovsky says:

    Barca already lost good players… Why not to keep Riqui Puig conformable in the team… Koeman need to learn as well 🤔

  10. Alfred Chitokisi says:

    He must leave to save the club.

  11. BABU says:

    Koeman is the only man to blame. The team does not shoot or press the opponents, when they attempt and not score, the slow the game the habit that makes the opponent have time to rearrange.

  12. Carlyx says:

    Barca need young fresh talents and look to the future soon more than half of the squad will retire or just leave some people are just idiots

  13. Prospect says:

    Koeman is failing and blaming his failures on the players… I knew he’d fail right from the time he sold Suarez, rakitic, and Vidal without better replacements… Now he’s facing the consequences

    Even Lionel Messi is lacking in so many things now unlike Before…

    Koeman should just go… he doesn’t deserve a place in Barcelona

  14. Gbemiha bello says:

    This koeman guy should be sacked before he ruind the team finally.. he knows nothing about coaching or bringing a team together.

  15. Musa kpaka says:

    Puig is a good player let koeman give him chance there is something in that boy which he can deliver for Barcelona trust

  16. Derrick says:

    Koeman is not the man to lead the world’s greatest team. He is simply adopting the usual style of the club. Short passes, with short passes the team looses the momentum. Instead they are clogging up the goal post of the opponents and all their efforts are wasted on missed goals. To my mind the team have no creativity, they lack energy. What Barcelona needs is a more direct and aggressive style.

  17. Ahmad Abdussalam says:

    As I’m Barcelona fans i’m from nigeria @fc Barcelona actually we are not happy for this Ronald koeman because every match riqui puig is in the bench why we are real riqui puig fans #free riqui puiq

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