Ronald Koeman beginning to be questioned in the Barcelona dressing room

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman is beginning to be questioned in the club’s dressing room according to Diario Sport.

The Dutchman is said to be viewed positively as a person, but there are elements of his footballing philosophy that are grating with some of the players.

Barcelona played their first match under Koeman just over ten weeks ago and have performed inconsistently. They currently sit ninth in La Liga and finished second in their Champions League group behind Juventus.

A key complaint is said to relate to Koeman’s steadfast reliance on a 4-2-3-1 formation as opposed to the 4-3-3 historically associated with Barcelona.

The belief is that the team is divided between four who attack and four who defend, with a double pivot in the middle falling between two stools, as it were, resulting in an absence of cohesive defending or attacking.

There is also a complaint about a lack of fluidity within Koeman’s system, creating spaces for opponents and making it difficult for the Blaugrana to create opportunities in the final third, forcing Lionel Messi to drop deep to collect the ball.

The dressing room are also said to be conscious that no player is flourishing under Koeman’s tutelage and the system has not improved the performance of any player, either, only making it worse if anything.

The lack of a lethal striker like Luis Suarez is said to be cited as a key reason for the failure of Koeman’s beloved 4-2-3-1, as it means that Barcelona fail to have an attacking reference that could create openings for the other forwards.

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  1. Hari says:

    Koutinio, and Grisman Must go Now!!
    They’re two very bad deals for Barca!!
    Minus -25 to mUch money fo it!!
    They’re like two Monkeys hanging in Your back and you must get it off them now!!
    Messi is The Best Off the World and Barca keep Useless Players To play with The best of the World???If I was The coach I will keep the both out of To bring the Ball As Young boys do!! Very bad deals, Barca must try to cell the now no matter what price, the more this two stay in Barca! the more Barca will go to Hell!!.

  2. Olajide Mafolabomi says:

    This is a rubbish article.

    1. walker says:

      Ehh sorry

  3. Subhashis Chattopadhyay says:

    Koeman must answer fro all his I’ll plan. From formation of team, discearding a genuine striker like Suarez, attacking midfielder like Rakitch. His personal bias, without considering Clubs interest has been causing immense damage to the club. Till date the players are not acquainted with Messi’s play style. For this the coach is solely responsible. Now it’s upto club management what they will do with this failed gentleman.

    1. jakepr says:

      Rakitic was never an attacking midfielder – he was in there to dictate the play from deep. A cracking player nonetheless, who hasn’t been replaced.

  4. William Deng kiir mawien says:

    Solution to Barcelona problem is sell away grisman with continno and bring in others good like Neto to Barcelona

  5. Pieter Losecaat Vermeer says:

    Without a defense that can stop the opponents scoring no trainer will succeed in Barca. And that is not of this season but for the last years. Do I have to remind you of the loss ag ainst Liverpool 2 seasons ago and tha against Bayern last year

  6. Olusegun says:

    The problem is not now it was starting from board that bought Grizman and Counthio because they know Messi position before bought them now koeman is finding way to use them together and is affecting performance of the club and koeman know what he want, since he has come the board have done a single of his wanted let the coach sell those that are playing the same position except Messi and Dembele and buy replacement for the rightfull position ,then you will see bacelona in the next level…..Messi is working from mid field to score how is that possible and can you see what they use Cr7 for ….just to score …if the use Messi for that then expect a lot of goals from him…thanks

  7. Habtamu Wuletaw Mengiste says:

    Beginning?it is too late to question his system.he was so lucky that the team drawn with barca were weak except juventus.with juventus in the first leg we are lucky that cr7 was absent.otherwise we would have conceded 4 or more goals.Nb this team lost to cadiz the newly promoted i didn’t bother with whom we drow becuase we will lose to any team .bu i worry that We are going to embarace by losing 8or 10 to nill

  8. Musa from Nigeria says:

    Koeman’s is not acting like a coach… can a coach always sleeping when his players are playing …….cant he see how coaches are overheating whenever thier clubs are playing.?……look at what Atlantic madrid , real Madrid Man city , liverpool and Tottenham all those coaches are on their legs until when the game is over given the players a kind of motivation and encouragement but this man just relaxing like a king……please get us a more vibrant coach that can energize the players

    1. Maseka says:

      u are ryt and there is too much biasness and favoritism too with the the coach. There is too much of trincao n Pedri leaving no opportunities for other players. We need a coach who will motivate the players and bring the best out of players because they lack the trust like the way klopp does..

  9. Ginobay says:

    Need a team beside Messi

  10. Maseka says:

    there is too much biasness and favoritism too with the the coach. There is too much of trincao n Pedri leaving no opportunities for other players. We need a coach who will motivate the players and bring the best out of players because they lack the trust like the way klopp does. We lack striking force and defense.

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