Real Madrid: Calls for Zinedine Zidane to make greater use of squad

A report in Marca has called on Zinedine Zidane to utilise more of his squad at Real Madrid if they are to have a successful season.

The influential outlet has called on the Frenchman to make greater use of substitutes and give more minutes to peripheral figures in the squad.

The report claims that only 12 or 13 players can be considered regulars and that is too low a number to be successful over the course of a campaign.

Real Madrid news has been focused on a concerning run of form recently but Saturday’s 1-0 win at Sevilla went some way to alleviating an element of that pressure.

However, the report highlights how Los Blancos used just one of a possible five substitutes for the win in Seville – when Marco Asensio emerged in the 66th minute.

Furthermore, there were not any other players even warming up for the remainder of the match and the suggestion is that Zidane must consider more rotations and giving minutes to more first-team squad members.

Image via Marca


  1. Metoo says:

    Well ,look at the stats for this season whenever Marcelo in particular plays we lose or draw. Mariano Diaz is good but is also wasteful, Isco is playing far below his standards the subs aren’t convincing enough to hold down a regular spot in the 1st team
    . Much is expected of Zizou but the material is just average.

    1. Josipher Wallé says:

      I love Zidane, but I think he tries to play a futbol that doesn’t match with the players styles.

      He plays the same game as when CR7 was there. Benzema strength is not its head. Most of his heading towards the goal isn’t successful in comparison to CR7.

      We have a lot of players with speed and dribbling skills. No sure if pressing the team in there area is the right game plan for those players.

      Most of our losses or goals came from passing mistakes from our midfielders or defenses.

      The only goal against Sevilla came from a semi counter attack and not from have ball possession.

      Zidane need to adjust the game plan and try something different.

      Madrid used to be great in counter attacks nowadays day play so slow that I get more excited when the other team counter attack.

      We sure can have better players but still the game plan need to change.

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