A history of Ousmane Dembele’s injuries at Barcelona

Barcelona have revealed in a statement that winger Ousmane Dembele has suffered from an elongation in the hamstring of his right thigh and will miss an as-of-yet unspecified period of time.

The wide man’s spell at the club he joined in 2017 has been marked by injury, and he’s been unable to deliver on a consistent basis the form that earned him the move.

Mundo Deportivo have delved into his extraordinary injury history, charting each setback he’s faced.

  • On September 16th 2017 Dembele ruptured a tendon of the biceps femoris in the left thigh, returning the following January.
  • Eleven days after returning, January 15th 2018, Dembele suffered a fibrillar tear in the semitendinosus of the left thigh.
  • On May 20th 2018, just before that season’s end, Dembele sprained his ankle.
  • On January 20th 2019, Dembele suffered another injury, this time a sprain to his left ankle, and was out of action until February 10th.
  • On March 9th 2019, Dembele suffered an elongation in the hamstring of his left thigh, recovered, and suffered a muscle tear in the biceps femoris in his left leg the week after, out of action until April 9th.
  • Dembele finished that season with another injury against Celta, damaging his hamstring in his right leg 25 seconds into the game to prevent himself from playing against Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final and the Copa del Rey final against Valencia.
  • Dembele picked up another injury in Bilbao in the first game of the following season, a fibrillar tear in his left leg that made him miss five weeks.
  • Dembele then ruptured his biceps femoris to miss ten weeks, only to, on the verge of returning to action, suffer a complete rupture of the proximal biceps femoris tendon of the right leg, which ended his season.

Featured image courtesy of Diario AS.

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