The ball in in Lionel Messi’s court

Carles Tusquets, president of the managing board currently in charge of Barcelona, recently said that it would have made economic sense to have sold Lionel Messi this past summer.

On Wednesday, immediately after beating Manchester United 3-1 at Old Trafford, Neymar passed a comment that raised eyebrows across Europe.

The Brazilian said that what he wants most is to play with Messi again and that he thinks it will happen next year.

Given Barcelona’s desperate financial situation, this would more or less indicate that Neymar is hinting at the Argentine joining him at Paris Saint-Germain.

Rumours of an ongoing negotiation between the two parties were shot down by Jorge Messi just a matter of weeks ago.

Each candidate in the running for the presidency of Barcelona has spoken of the need to convince Messi to stay at Barcelona.

This, according to Mundo Deportivo, hints that Messi hasn’t changed his mind and still intends to leave the club and that the indirect negotiations between him and the potentially incoming candidates have been sterile.

Emil Rousaud, one candidate, has suggested that Messi’s currently salary in unsustainable for next season.

Joan Laporta, another, has talked about deferring payments to make the cost bearable and has spoken of his belief that Messi will give Barcelona a chance before making a final decision.

Whatever the case, the ball is firmly in the Argentine’s court.

He tried to leave Barcelona this past summer but was kept at the club against his will due to his contractual situation.

Now, being able to sign a pre-contract with whomever he wants from January 1st, the game has changed.

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